Even More Disney Parks Buttons Have Arrived, Even Holiday Ones!

Disney Parks Buttons

Have you also fallen in love with the fun Disney Parks Buttons inspired by their celebration buttons? We might be a little obsessed and could not resist checking out the latest sets to hit the shelves. In addition to the rest of the wonderful assortment, you can now find new Attractions and Holiday ones!

The newest Attractions inspired buttons have a monochromatic look, that gives them a retro vibe. The first features the Jungle Cruise, perfect with the new movie coming out, and the second features Haunted Mansion! The Haunted Mansion one is perfect for the recent anniversary, and of course with Halloween coming.

The buttons we are were most excited for though? The HOLIDAY ONES! I won’t even deny it, I am living for all of the new Disney Parks holiday merchandise this year. Both of the new buttons are inspired by the Disney Holiday Snacks collection. The green button says “The Sweetest Holiday on Earth”, while the red reads “I <3 Holiday Treats”. The green one is inspired by gingerbread Mickey and Minnies, and the red is inspired by tasty confections, like candied apples, and cookies. You’ll notice these coordinate perfectly with one of the Spirit Jerseys, Loungefly backpacks, and two of the Minnie Ears we talked about this summer too.

Both sets of the new Disney Parks Buttons retail for $9.99 each. We found these sets at Disney Springs, but they should begin to appear throughout the Disney Parks soon.

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