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Even MORE New Disney Vans Released Today!

I woke up to the news that the new Disney Vans not only were released at Journeys, as previously discussed, but that the Vans website also released tons of new Disney Vans items…. including shoes we didn’t know were coming! There are many, may new designs in the collection including shoes, clothing, hats and backpacks. Between the Vans website and Journeys, you are bound to have something you think you need to have!

I am not going to go into crazy detail about both collections, as I have done this already… twice. If you are wanting info on the Vans collection from Journeys check HERE and Vans check HERE, They are NOT the same collection. Each store has their own new Disney collection and they are both quite fabulous. The new items released included Princess and Little Mermaid items! Those are the ones I am going to show you today.


Princess Vans??? Yes, please! We knew about the Villain Vans coming from Journeys but we did not know about their sweet counterpart! These are bright and colorful… perfect for any Princess lover. They come in this lace up design but they also come in an edgy high top!


These are the Little Mermaid sneakers and they could be my favorite…aside from the villain ones. She is my fave character after all. The new Little Mermaid items include  shirts, backpack and a sweatshirt.

Are those Belle slip ons I see?? Yes they are!! These slip on shoes are covered in roses and the iconic Princess Belle looking ever so coyly at you from the side. I feel like she’s saying “I didn’t know I was getting a shoe either!” I’m pleased they come in a different style than the above 2, to add some variety to the Princess selection.


An often overlooked Princess, Jasmine, is also getting her own shoe! This one I saw on the Journeys website and not the Vans. It is another lace up sneaker but of a completely different color palette than any of the others. I’m super stoked to see her included.

If you are wanting to check out the newest Disney Collection on the Vans website, you can head straight there from HERE. To my knowledge at this moment, the Belle and Princess shoes are on both Vans and Journeys but the Little Mermaid is only on Vans. The Jasmine shoes are only on Journeys. I am sure the collections will sell out quickly. I pray they are prepared. There are a lot more items on the actual Vans site than Journeys, as well it should be.

Are you excited for the new Collection?? Which is your fave? Let us know in the comment box below!

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