Fabulous New Buttercup Inspired Ears Have Arrived At Tokyo Disney!

I have yet to make it overseas to Tokyo Disney but when I do, I am going to need 2 extra large suitcases to bring back all the goodies I will be buying. I think we all know that Tokyo Disney gets the most incredible merchandise! Need an example? How about these fabulous new Buttercup inspired Ears that have arrived at Tokyo Disney?

I have been told that all 3 of these new Minnie Ears are Buttercup inspired but all I know is that they are fabulous and I don’t have them! The purple sequined ones on top are nice, don’t get me wrong, but can we talk about the lace Ears? I don’t have anything like these and the color palette is right up my alley!

These are delicate and feminine and would look fantastic for Spring. Even the bow is different than anything we see on Disney parks merchandise on this continent.

If you are a Buttercup fan, there is a lot of merchandise available aside from Ears. I’m eyeing up that unicorn headband in the bottom right. I would take a plush too…. just saying.

All of this fun merchandise has arrived at Tokyo Disney and if you aren’t planning a trip there any time soon, there are always personal shoppers available. If you are interested, PM the page and I can recommend my personal favorites from overseas.

Thanks to Makiko Ammi for the pics!

What do you think of the fun new Buttercup merchandise at Tokyo Disney? Are you planning a trip anytime soon? Let us know in the comment box below!

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