Fairytale Fashion Fix Expands to Add New Subscription Service!

Hello, fashionistas! I have been more than astonished at the out pouring of love and demand for the Fairytale Fashion Fix boxes. As most of you know, these are first come, first serve monthly boxes featuring Disney fashion and beauty items and they have been selling out quickly each month. You can read about all of the ones so far, HERE. Based on this popular demand, I have decided to expand to a set number of subscription service boxes! I’m so excited!

Here is what you can expect from the subscription version of the Fairytale Fashion Fix boxes. I plan to be able to curate them a little more to your sizes etc. I can’t include anything that requires a size in the first come, first serve FFF but I can in the subscription boxes! When you sign up for a subscription, I will get your sizes for rings, shoes, shirts, leggings etc, as well as your type of phone and some favorite characters etc. It gives me more variety so I can keep the quality high in the subscription boxes as well as the first come, first serve FFF.

fairytale fashion fix
May Fairytale Fashion Fix

If you choose to sign up for a subscription FFF, you will be signing up for three months and then, after that is completed, you have the option to go month to the month. The reason for this is to ensure that people don’t use the subscription service as a way of avoiding getting online at 10am EST on the 15th of the month and potentially missing out. I work very hard to get these items for the Fairytale Fashion Fixes and curating them takes time. I cannot do that for only one month. With that being said, the subscription Fairytale Fashion Fix boxes will be $45 per month plus shipping. You will pay $160 up front and that covers 3 months worth of Fairytale Fashion Fixes!

Fairytale Fahion Fix
April Fairytale Fahion Fix

I can tell you that the first month’s subscription FFF (which will ship out mid July) has a value of $110 alone, not including shipping. Basically, you get back almost the entire investment in the first box which is themed Having a Disney Morning. (Update- The July subscription start date is now sold out but I do have some spots left for the August start date.)

If interested in purchasing a Fairytale Fashion Fix subscription box, please email me at [email protected] and I will get all your info and send you an invoice. These are capped at a specific number and I will have a waitlist started when the subscription is full.  The cut off to be included in August  will be July 7th so I can ensure sizing will be available in time for shipping.

I hope this is the answer for those of you who have been messaging me! I am so crazy proud of all of the Fairytale Fashion Fix boxes and I am so excited to be able to specifically design them for the subscription fashionistas! Enjoy, fashionistas!

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