Fantastic New 7-Eleven x Disney Camping Series!

7-Eleven x Disney Camping Series

There’s a new “Dream Camp Series” that is open for pre-orders from 7-Eleven in China! This limited edition 7-Eleven x Disney Camping Series pre-orders will be opened in May. This is actually the second series, with the first series featuring an adorable Mickey Tent!

These products are part of a concept of continuing to extend the camping of Mickey friends. The new collection features a picnic mat, a dual-use neck pillow, a Mickey doll and a Mickey retro-style camping light that I’m sure everyone will love! Let’s take a look at what items are available.

Limited Edition Limited Edition Mickey Series Fleece Dolls

This little guy is 25 centimeters tall and comes with a backpack that can carry tiny trinkets, and you can even remove!

These 13 liter coolers come in Mickey and Winnie the Pooh Designs. They have a divider plate inside so you can organize your snacks and meals. They also come with a carrying strap to make travel with them a breeze.



Part of the fun of camping is getting to have picnics! These water-resistant picnic mats roll up for easy carrying, complete with a handle! Chip and Dale, or Winnie the Pooh are the choices offered. I wish I had one of these for when I go to the beach or park!


The camp lights are one of my personal favorites, you can choose from blue, or beige and both have a Mickey design. The brightness of the LED light can be adjusted, and there is even a multifunctional night light and camping light! The handle makes it perfect for hanging up to keep your campsite aglow.

These neck pillows hide a fun surprise…


They also turn into blankets! They feature a soft and comfortable fabric for a versatile item that’s great for travel or camping.

Waterproof bags are a must-have for camping, and who wouldn’t want Mickey Mouse ones? These 10 liter bags are great for storage and sling across your back! These are perfect for putting any valuables that you don’t want to see ruined with rain!


In case you missed out on the first collection, you can check out some of the fun offerings that quickly sold out above.

As an avid camper, I really wish this collection was available in the states, but I’m still very fond of it!

What do you think of the fun 7-Eleven x Disney Camping Series? Is this something you would like to see in your neck of the woods?

Source: ELLE

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