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Finally A Closer In Depth Look at The Newest New Balance For runDisney Shoe 2015


Just a couple of days ago, we released the teaser from New Balance for the newest runDisney shoe, 2015 edition. Last night, we released a preliminary picture and article with some more info and a link to the video so you could see them on youtube. I am so happy to report that we finally have ALL the info about these new shoes including pictures! The shoes debuted today at the Walt Disney World Marathon Expo and what a grand entrance they made. With crazy lines, and that’s from the people who scheduled a slot on the virtual queue website, it was difficult to get a glimpse. We managed to get better than a glimpse. Let’s take a look at the newest New Balance for runDisney shoe, modeled after Steamboat Willie!

The newest shoe is of the 990v3 model. According to the New balance website, the shoe is built for stability. New Balance states this design is made with “its premium pigskin upper with mesh inserts for breathability to the stability-enhancing ABZORB® midsole plus ENCAP to promote a healthy gait.” The other designs of the New Balance for runDisney shoes have their own different enhancements and elements that may cater to the runner who is not looking for a stability shoe.

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The color palette of this shoe is much more sedate than the others in the collection. I think this will appeal to the runner who wants to wear a runDisney shoe but not be too flashy when it comes to the color. These are grey and black and will go with pretty much any wardrobe. There are musical notes on the white soles and, as with other runDisney New Balance shoes, hidden Mickey’s on the inside of the shoe. There is a cute silhouette of each character on the outer heel of their respective shoe, as well as their famous signatures emblazoned on the other side.  I think these shoe can be worn by either sex quite honestly. The black shoe is the men’s and the grey is the women’s but they are a little gender neutral with the exception of Minnie on one and Mickey on the other. The 2 other shoes in the collection, that are intended for men, are worn by many women as well. This is another shoe that will be able to be enjoyed by all. These shoes retail at $185 at the Expo.

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I know many of you are bummed that you didn’t get to see these shoes in person this weekend. Perhaps the lines were too long or you just weren’t there! Regardless of the reason, do not be discouraged. These new shoes will be featured at the upcoming runDisney events through out the year. If you are planning to attend one of the expos, you will get your chance to see them in person. If you are unable to attend, for whatever reason, I am hoping that we will be able to offer you an alternative way to obtain these shoes later in the year.

I hope everyone attending the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend has an amazing time and good luck to all the runners. For everyone else planning to participate in upcoming runDisney events, happy training and I’ll see you there!

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