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Fun New Disney Phone Cases Feature Adorable Characters

Disney Phone Cases

I can never have too many cases to accessorize my phone with. Obviously, these fun new Disney Phone Cases are a must for my collection. They feature figural characters of Bayman, and Chip ‘n Dale!

The Chip ‘n Dale case is a gorgeous teal, and has Dale chasing Chip who is holding an acorn. The figural characters look like they are holding on to the top of the case, when you’re looking at your screen it looks like the lovable chipmunks are looking up at you. When you flip it over you can see their adorable little tushies.

The Baymax case is also super adorable, the case is covered in lots of tiny images of Baymax in different poses, including his Robo suit. Like the chipmunks Baymax is holding onto the top of the phone to keep you company while scrolling your phone. I kind of wish the body was super squishy though.


We also found a fun Otterbox Peter Pan case that glows in the dark! Peter soars through the air with Wendy, Michael, John, and Tinker Bell. The big full moon in the background glows brightly, with Neverland below in the distance.

Which of these fun new Disney Phone Cases is your favorite?

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