Garage Magazine and Marvel Turn Supermodels into Super Heroes

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The worlds of fashion, comics and digital technology collide with spectacular results as GARAGE Magazine today reveals five special edition covers for their tenth issue celebrating Marvel’s powerful women.

Produced in creative collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, these covers – on newsstands globally February 11 – feature leading supermodels styled as some of Marvel’s most popular super heroes.

2016-02-08 10_45_45-Garage Magazine and Marvel Turn Supermodels into Super Heroes - overburnz@gmail.

Using the GARAGE Mag app, readers can scan each of the covers to see these leading ladies come to life as 3D digital animations – styled in true comic book form:

  1. Adriana Lima as She-Hulk
  2. Karlie Kloss as Black Widow  
  3. Lexi Boling as Captain Marvel
  4. Candice Swanepoel as Spider-Gwen
  5. Cuba Tornado Scott as Thor

Cover model, Karlie Kloss said:

“It’s important that young girls have fierce and strong role models to look up to and that’s what this project is really about. These role models come in many forms, from fictional Super Heroes to incredible businesswomen to strong female athletes.”

The magazine covers were styled by GARAGE Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale with beauty direction by Pat McGrath.

Included, as part of the feature story about Marvel’s leading female Super Heroes, is Sana Amanat, director of content development and editor at Marvel Comics. “Over the past few years, female Super Heroes have been front and center at Marvel – from Jane Foster taking on the mantle of Thor, to Captain Marvel being celebrated in her own movie. Now, these leading ladies are having an incredible fashion moment with Garage Magazine,” said Sana. “Reinterpreting our Super Heroes through these fashion magazine covers perfectly demonstrates what we believe about our characters – the idea that anyone can express their own unique identity and individualism.”

GARAGE Magazine was an early adopter of integrating 3D technology into print. By exploring the digital as a new mode of visual communications, each new issue of GARAGE Magazine and its multidimensional features push the boundaries of fashion, art, and now comic culture.

“Super Heroes meet Supermodels in this unique collaboration with Marvel for the 10th issue of Garage Magazine,” said Charlotte Stockdale, Fashion Director at Garage Magazine. “Merging the powers of style, beauty, technology and the infinite reaches of the human imagination, these Super Heroes of fashion emerge from the pages of Garage in all their 3D swashbuckling glory.”

To read more from the article and see additional images from the feature story, pick up a copy of GARAGE Magazine on newsstands February 11, 2016 or visit To see more style inspiration from Marvel, follow them on Instagram: @StyledbyMarvel.

GARAGE Magazine Issue No. 10 Features:

  • 3D experience of the new Tate Modern accompanied by an interview with its Director of Exhibitions, Achim Borchardt-Hume***
  • Commission a digital selfie “painting” by artist Giovanna Olmos via the GARAGE Mag app***
  • Rashid Johnson in conversation with Chief Curator Kate Fowle about his upcoming exhibition at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, opening March 17, 2016
  • Artist Jamian Juliano-Villani in conversation with artist Haley Mellin about her success, past and future
  • Artist Margaret Lee in conversation with Creative Director of Barney’s New York Dennis Freedman about consumerism, value illusion and desire
  • Full Circle, a 360-degree fashion editorial shot by director Norbert Schoerner, oscillates between reality and fiction
  • Celebrated Russian conceptualist Viktor Pivovarov interviews himself
  • Up-and-coming model Aya Jones in Four Dimensional, shot by Charlie Engman

*** Designates GARAGE Mag app scanability ***

GARAGE Magazine Issue No. 10 contributors include: Achim Borchardt-Hume, Isamaya Ffrench, Urs Fischer, Dennis Freedman, Rashid Johnson, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Benjamin Kirchhoff, Karen Langley, Margaret Lee, Pat McGrath, Giovanna Olmos, and Anders Solvsten Thomsen.

GARAGE Magazine Issue No. 10 contributing writers include: Jeffrey Deitch, Kate Fowle, Alexandery Fury, Amanda Fury, Amanda Harlech, Andrew Harvey, Chrissie Iles, Haley Mellin, Viktor Pivovarov, and Harriet Quick.



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