Get Cozy With Uniqlo Disney Hoodies Featuring Mickey Mouse

Uniqlo Disney Hoodies

Although Spring may be here next month, there are still some chilly days ahead. There’s nothing I love more than snuggling up is a super cozy hoodie, and luckily Uniqlo has an adorable selection of them! The Uniqlo Disney Hoodies feature the one and only Mickey Mouse, in the continuing celebration of his 90th anniversary.


These adorable and cozy hoodies come in a variety of colors, from spring ready pastels to year-round dark neutrals. Each color hoodie has its own unique graphic design inspired by Mickey or Minnie Mouse. All of them are available for just under $30.00 too.

The white Mickey hoodie features a line art sketch of Mickey looking just a bit bashful.

The grey Mickey hoodie has a line of Mickey designs over the words “The Mouse That Started It All”.

There are two black hoodies available, one that features a neon light style Mickey Mouse on the bust.

The other black hoodie has a bit of a deconstructed Mickey design. Mickey’s eyes are big and wide on this hoodie, while he’s tiny shoes are hanging out below.

The mint green is by far my favorite colors of the jackets. This one is based on Mickey’s best pal Minnie Mouse!

Lastly, we have a dusty pink, with a cream font that says “Mickey, The Mouse that Started it all”.

You can find all six of the Uniqlo Disney Hoodies available online now for $29.90.

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