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Handmade Disney Inspired Wigs For Kids With Cancer By The Magic Yarn Project

I think many of you know that I am a pediatric nurse. While my specialty is not oncology, I do take care of cancer kids from time to time. When I heard about the Magic Yarn Project, a non profit organization started by moms, that makes handmade Disney inspired wigs for kids with cancer… well, I knew I had to share this info with you. Perhaps all the Disney fashionistas out there can make even more of a difference.


Every little girl loves to play dress up and pretend they are a Disney princess. Children with cancer are no exception to this rule. They deserve so much more for the cruel reality they have been given. The Magic Yarn Project creates Disney inspired wigs, like the ones I will show you below, for these special little princesses. They have a GoFundMe account where you can learn even more about their cause as well a main website at On the website, you can even sign up to get involved to join the project and help make a difference.


Just look at this fabulous wig! There is even Elsa’s crown to make any little girl feel like the queen she is! The scalp can be quite sensitive when under going cancer treatments and traditional wigs can be quite uncomfortable. To create head coverings for little cancer patients that are both comfortable and whimsical, Magic Yarn volunteers crochet soft yarn into beanies and then transform them into long, beautiful princess hair.


If Elsa isn’t her choice, perhaps Anna is! They white streak of hair in Anna’s braid can even be spotted!


Jasmine and Ariel are also available. I love the attention to detail. These are bound to make any little girl feel beautiful and special, as she should!

All of the wigs are free to their recipients in hospitals nationwide to help bring a little magic into a very difficult time of these little girls’ lives. Isn’t that just the most incredible thing you’ve ever heard? I think about how much time these incredible women are spending on such a worthy cause and I feel the need to call on all my Disney friends out there. Please check this site out! Help some little girls that are in need of bringing out their inner princess during the tough times.


Thanks to the go fund me page for magic yarn project for the pics!


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