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Happy Mother’s Day! The Disney x Coach Minnie Mouse Outlet Release Is Available Online!

Happy Mother’s Day! I know many of us have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new Minnie Mouse Collection at Coach outlets. The official release day is May 15th but you know that things love to release online early. Surprise! The Disney x Coach Minnie Mouse outlet collection is now available online and it’s 30% off!

This print is the one I want but I can’t decide which silhouette is better. Do I want the coin purse the kisslock bag or the kisslock wristlet? I admit I wasn’t a fan of the kisslock Mickey bag that came out in Coach retail stores so I am going to actually go and check these out in person before I decide. Either pink or yellow, this pattern is flawless.

This tote is reversible! So not only do you get the fab floral print but you get patchwork (which is very in) and you get a plain Coach bag. Talk about versatility!

If you are a fan of Coach’s classic pattern with the Coach “C” then you can choose from any of the above 4 designs. I do love the variety and versatility. The color palette will really go with anything.

If you aren’t a fan of the lighter color, you can go with a darker brown. This can really be used year round.

Now, if you remember the Mickey Mouse Coach outlet collection from last year (released exactly the same day), then you remember Mickey with all of his different poses. He had 4 but it would appear that Minnie Mouse has 3. She loves her standard arm crossed pose, boombox, and roller skating. A girl after my own heart. There are many different silhouettes to choose from and it would appear that if you choose pink you get Minnie roller skating and the cream is the boombox. That should help you decide.

Of course, if you don’t want the floral print or girlie colors, you can super classic and get black with a fabulous hangtag. And there are many fabulous hang tags to choose from!

Here are just a few of the hang tags available but my favorite by far is the top one. That one needs to go on a few different bags!

If you were hoping for some fashions, it would appear there are a few items but much less than I was expecting. I see 2 jackets, a tee, and a scarf. Now, this is what’s available online but I am hoping the in-store release is holding back a few fashion items like maybe shoes!

I had to do a double take but these are pockets that literally stick to your phone! Kind of a cool concept but I am going to have to see these in person to make a firm decision.

There are a lot more items to choose from but I am going to let you head to to check it all out for yourself. Tomorrow, I will have a fellow fashionista, Courtney, at an early in-store release of the collection and we will see first hand if there are any other pieces in addition to the online ones.

UPDATE- The Minnie MOuse Coach Outlet release is NOT May 15th but in fact May 14th!

What do you think of the new Disney x Coach Minnie Mouse outlet Collection? See anything that’s a must-have? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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