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An Alternative Choice For A Disney Bag? Try Harveys for Disney Couture


I think we are all aware of the many choices Disney offers when it comes to fashionable bags. They offer designer collections by Dooney and Bourke as well as Vera Bradley. There is one brand that gets much less attention but is just as fashionable and fabulous. This would be the Harveys brand. A new collection was released by Harveys earlier this fall and deserves some attention too! It features the classic characters, after all! Let’s take a closer look at this brand, the design and which bag styles are available.

Harveys has been collaborating with Disney for many years now and there have been numerous different collections for Harveys for Disney Couture since the collaboration began. The newest collection is the Disney BFF line and it was introduced in September. It sold out very quickly! It is available again on various sites on the internet as well as at Disney Parks.  This collection joins the very popular Good Versus Evil Collection, Nightmare Before Christmas Collection and Love You to Pieces Collection, to name a few. This line differs greatly from the aforementioned designers and this is because these bags are primarily made with seatbelts!! This brings even more variety to the types of designer bags Disney offers and this one is nothing if not durable.


There are a few choices in this Disney BFF collection  as far as sizes and variety in style go. From large to small, there is something for everyone’s taste and price range. The largest bag is the Streamline Tote ($168) and it is designed with a stripe pattern, alternating plain black and then a seatbelt of the classic core characters. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy all make an appearance in this collection. The top has a zipper, which is nice for those of us who are concerned about things falling out or being stolen (I admit, I fall into this category).


The medium Streamline Tote($158) is not quite as large and displays much more of the character print as opposed to the plain black.


The Berkeley Backpack gives an option to those who want a little more room and don’t want to take all the weight with one strap. The pattern is primarily that of the characters again with the plain black seatbelts accenting the top and bottom.


The Convertible Clutch ($128) is an option for those who desire a smaller bag to just carry the essentials. It is primarily the character pattern with minimal black and also has a zipper. This one is more up my alley because I don’t like to carry a larger bag, especially around the parks.

There are also wallet options the Boyfriend’s Wallet ($58) and the Zip Wallet ($94) offer to different sizes of wallets, depending on your taste or need.

I’m excites to see what the next collection will be in the Harveys for Disney Couture Line will be. Do you own a Harveys bag? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comment box below!


Thanks to Disney Style Blog for the pictures.

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