Have You Seen Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Designer Collection by Colleen Atwood?

In 2010 we were all blessed with the gift of Alice In Wonderland from Disney and Tim Burton. I loved the film, personally, and I am really looking forward to the release of Alice Through The Looking Glass in just a couple of short months. I have noticed a lot of collections popping up, like the one from Urban Decay, that are inspired by the new film. ,

2016-04-12 16_35_18-Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Designer Collection by Colleen Atwood L

The look you see above consists of a 2 different pieces from the collection. They are both inspired by the Queen of Hearts as you can see. Remember, when looking at this collection, we are talking about the new film and it’s characters. Many people expect it to be more animated but these are more abstract pieces and I think that makes them even more alluring. With this particular look, the heart dress is one that is not clearly Disney but when paired with this fabulous tote, you can tell who you are trying to portray! These are both currently available at

2016-04-12 16_44_33-Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Designer Collection by Colleen Atwood L

This look is Cheshire Cat inspired and I have to tell you, I think this may be one of my bridal shower looks. My wedding is Alice In Wonderland themed, after all. This would allow me to be classy and not cartoony. I love the cut of the top and I haven’t worn a miniskirt this cute in a while!! This tote is the same design as the one shown with the Queen of Hearts look but it is the Cheshire Cat! I don’t know which tote I would choose, because there are several, but they are having a buy one get one 50% off of the totes and I may need 2! These are all available at

2016-04-12 16_52_09-Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Designer Collection by Colleen Atwood G

This top makes me smile. I love the expression on the Queen of Hearts face and the way she is pointing makes me want to see what she sees. I like that you could wear a normal bra with it and, though you can’t see the shorts completely in this picture, are one of my favorite styles. Both of these pieces are available at

There are a lot of other pieces in this Collection but these are my favorites. You can check them all out online or at your local Kohl’s store, if they have them out yet. Mine does not. As soon as they do, look on the Disney Fashionista FB page for a video!

What do you think of the new collection? Will you be checking it out? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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