Having Lunch With A Disney Legend Thanks To D23- Linda Larkin

I have had many people ask me in the past what the perks to being a D23 Gold Member are and I never really know where to begin. I always tell them, if you love Disney you must be a D23 Gold member. It just goes hand in hand with loving Disney. After last week, I have a superb example. I had lunch with a Disney Legend thanks to being a D23 Gold Member. It. Was. Awesome.

I ventured up to NYC to spend an hour and a half with not just one Disney legend but 2 (at least to me). Linda Larkin met with D23 Gold Members in the New Amsterdam Theater to regale us with stories and answer questions. The conversation was led by Jonathon Freeman! When else could you have lunch with Princess Jasmine and Jafar?

The area in the theater that we had lunch was exquisite and I admit that I had not been down to that part of the theater, despite seeing many a play there. We even got a brief history of the theater which this Broadway loving lady ate up!


While we enjoyed a 3-course lunch, we heard stories of the making of Aladdin, Linda’s career in general and little Disney tidbits that ever Disney fan would love. It was like having a delicious lunch with old friends and it went by much too quickly.

After lunch, we were all given a hand-drawn piece of art done by Mark Henn and signed by Linda Larkin and Jonathon Freeman. You know that mine is waiting for the perfect frame so it can go up on my wall.

This Disney Bounding fashionista made sure to have the perfect look ready which included accent pieces like a Genie lamp necklace, tiger earrings, and a magic carpet purse. It was a conversation piece when I got to take a photo with Linda and Jonathon.

This was like no other experience I could have and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to do it again. The only way to take part in this time of experience is to be a D23 Gold Member and pay for this type of ticketed event (which sell out remarkably fast). It’s absolutely worth it!

Have you ever had lunch with a Disney Legend thanks to D23? Let us know about your experience in the comment box below!

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