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How To Decorate Your Cabin Door On A Disney Cruise

There are so many people out there that are curious about all the different elements of cruising. What do I pack? How do I book excursions? When can I board? The list goes on. What happens, though, when you have mastered all of those questions and you want to start looking at the extras you can do to make your cruise a little more magical?? I have many ideas to help with that (next time I will talk about fish extenders) but today I am going to focus on one that makes me super excited….  How you can decorate your cabin door on your Disney cruise.

Let me start by saying that this isn’t for everyone. I understand many of you have more important things to do than worry about what your cabin door looks like. This is not for those people. Enjoy your cruise and have a blast but don’t stress yourself over the extras. No stress! Now, for those people who do want to think about it. I’ve got some fun pointers and suggestions and mine pretty much all stem from one place….. magnets!

Disney Cruise Line frowns upon using tape. It can damage the doors and wood so it is asked that you don’t do this. Without the use of tape, you are probably wondering how you can decorate. The doors are metal!!  Magnets will stick! Magnets are the way to go!!

I thought magnets would be a pretty boring way to decorate until I went on my first Disney Cruise and realized I was so behind. Magnets are freaking amazing! There are so many different things you can do with them! I like to really think about what cruise I am taking and what the people I am with enjoy. Allow me to show you what I mean and show you some examples of magnets I have brought on various cruises.

Birthday sign on our door #3

This is a magnet set I bought for our cruise to the Mediterranean 3 years ago. It was one of my friend’s birthday while we are on the cruise and the cruise was actually a belated trip to celebrate my birthday so it had dual meaning. The balloon was written for her but I’ve reused it a few times now for different cruises! I just save sets and reuse them when it fits the trip.



I’ve used my Canadian Minnie for multiple trips as well. In the Mediterranean, I used it because 3 members of the party were Canadian. I also used it for our Alaska cruise last summer because we departed from Canada AND my mom and I are Canadian.


I got this one for Alaska. It has real faux fur trim and I love it. I am planning to do the Baltic cruise in the future and I feel like I could use this one for that as well.


This is Merida! On the Alaska cruise, there is a Pixar night instead of a Pirates In The Carribean party. I chose to have Merida represent Pixar night.


This one is a little harder to see but I had a magnet made that said our cruise date and the fact that it was the first cruise together for Chip and I. It’s an excellent souvenir and it brings back many memories for us both. It’s a picture of Minnie and Mickey snuggling while watching the sunset.

Clearly, I enjoy decorating. There are some other magnets you may have noticed as well. There are DVC magnets that will magically appear on your door if you are a DVC member. There is also a memo board that we placed on our door for quick drive-by notes when we were on the Mediterranean cruise. I’ve also done characters that are favorites of the people we are traveling with, a nurse Minnie because I’m a nurse and a runDisney Mickey. I’ve seen families do individual small magnets for each member of their family, celebratory magnets… all kinds of things. Some people really get into it.

Now, I am a crafty person but not crafty enough to make these. I went on Etsy and just searched Disney Cruise Magnets…. let me tell you what. You will be inundated with a multitude of choices. You can pick whatever you like and, if you plan on doing multiple cruises, you can really save them easily and reuse them like I do. That way the cost is much more affordable and easy to justify. I highly recommend the shop Gulf Breeze Production on Etsy HERE. She will do custom work too and it’s positively outstanding!

I hope that this helped some of you plan something a little extra magical for your Disney Cruise. Have you all done this before? Share your pictures with us in the comment box below!!!

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