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I Like To Dance With the Ocean Bangle Bracelet

Whenever I am splashing in the ocean I just have to sing out loud to myself. “I like to dance with the ocean!” This fun take on Gramma Tala’s song from Disney’s Moana is perfect for any ocean loving soul.

Now, you may be saying to yourself “but Gramma Tala actually says that she likes to dance with the WATER, not the OCEAN.” And you, my Moana loving aficionado, would be correct! This charm is not a direct quote from the film, but it’s still a great representation of a heart-warming scene. Plus, it works to remind us how great Moana is and how fantastic dancing in the ocean feels.

Another key reminder and nod to the film is the large manta ray charm. I just love watching manta ray swim! They are so effortless, elegant, and beautiful – just like Moana’s grandma!

This Moana inspired bracelet is perfect for fans of the film or those who just love the ocean. You can find this I Like to Dance With the Ocean bangle bracelet on Etsy from TheMostFunkyJewelry HERE. Pricing starts at just $17.00.

This bracelet would make a great holiday gift, birthday present, or stocking stuffer for any Disney fan. Why not show off your Disney side with a new piece of jewelry? Any excuse to wear Disney jewelry is a good excuse for me!

What do you think of today’s Disney discovery from Etsy? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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