Introducing the 2019 Festival of the Arts Merchandise!

I’m ready to celebrate art at the 2019 Festival of the Arts that opens on my birthday (which is January 18th). While I wait for the festival to start, I got a sneak peek of some of the new merchandise that will be available and I am already making my shopping list.

First up are new options to drink your beverages… perhaps while enjoying the festival! Of course there is a Tervis but apparently there also Tervis wine glasses which are acrylic. I like to enjoy a nice glass of wine while being artsy so this totally makes sense to me.

If you are a fashionista that collects tee shirts for the festivals, you will find a short sleeve unisex version and the Spirit Jersey that we shared with you a few days ago. Now we can see the front!!! I am loving Figment on this one. The tie-dye really works for a festival based on art in my opinion because making the perfect tie-dye pattern is hard!

Pin traders can rejoice in the fact that there are 4 new pins available for the festival. I’m guessing these will be available at the pin trading station behind Spaceship Earth on the 18th. There is a Passholder one available as well as 3 others and they are all Limited Edition.

These Figment Ears pair well with the Figment logo on the Festival of the Arts merchandise but they are NOT Festival exclusive. These Figment Ears will be debuting on Friday and will be available all around Epcot.

If Ear hats aren’t your thing perhaps a regular baseball cap style works better with the Festival of the Arts on it!

I can’t do this plush justice. The details are insane! The new Festival of the Arts Logo is imprinted on Mickey’s Ears and it is stellar! The Festival of the Arts is also embroidered on the bottom of his feet.

There will be a new Limited Edition of 1000 MagicBand for the Festival of the Arts and we will have more pics later BUT they do have Figment on them!!

There is also a new scavenger hunt entitled Figment’s Brush With The Masters! The prizes are 3 different coloring books so you could really do this 3 times for 3 different prizes!

All of this will be available starting January 18th at Epcot. Will it appear online? I don’t know when but I’m sure some of it will. If I had to guess the pins and MagicBand won’t be and the Spirit Jersey will sell out quickly. If there is anything you need, please contact our preferred personal shopper at [email protected] and she will help you out!

I am so excited for all the new merchandise! What do you see that is a must-have for you? Let us know in the comment box below!



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