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Is Disney Bounding Still Allowed At Disney Parks?

With all of the rule changes taking place last year, and the costume change rules at Tokyo Disney, the biggest question/concern is regarding the rules to costumes. If you are unfamiliar with the changes, you can read all about them HERE. Adults were never allowed to wear costumes at the Parks, with the exception of the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party so this shouldn’t really come as a big surprise to those wanting to wear a costume when not at the party. It does however effect teenagers now. I have been asked repetitively, does this mean Disney Bounding isn’t allowed? Let me tell you what the rules dictate.

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The rules talk about costumes. Disney Bounding is NOT wearing a costume. Some people do like to take it a step beyond Disney Bounding and push the look into cosplay. This is the grey area. Disney Bounding, as seen above as Joy, is fine. When you start to push it to looking like the looks below Joy, that could become a problem. Using props and wearing wigs, pushes any look into the cosplay/costume realm. It doesn’t matter that she looks fantastic. Disney does have the right to turn you away if you choose to do this, if they consider the props and wigs a costume.

If you are wondering what Disney Bounding is, you can read all about it HERE. That article discusses what it is and talks about the founder of Disney Bounding, Leslie Kay. I, personally, think that, with the costume rules, we are able to really get Disney Bounding out there! It isn’t as well known as it should be and we can really have fun with this! We have many Disney Bounding looks we have already created and there are many other people and blogs that create looks for you to use as well. You can represent your character as a fashion forward, fashionista! Isn’t that what most of us like to do, anyway??

I am taking these changes and putting a positive spin on them. We can still Disney Bound and all is good with the world. If you are looking to do costumes or cosplay, perhaps attending a Disney convention or expo like D23 would better suit you. That’s another fantastic outlet for Disney! I hope this helps you understand a little better. Looking forward to seeing some amazing Disney Bounding on my future trips to Disney! If you see me, say “hi” and I will take a picture and post it on Instagram @4disneyfashion!

What do you think of the new rules? Will you try Disney Bounding now? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!


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