Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Collection Is On Sale!

I arrived home from my wedding planning trip to Disney to my beautiful Kate Spade Minnie Mouse clutch on my doorstep. It is so gorgeous. I am in love. Then I learned about this weekend’s sale. I cannot even believe that, less than 2 weeks after it’s release, the Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Collection is on sale!2016-03-12 14.09.20 2016-03-12 14.09.32

This isn’t just any sale, it is 25% off!!! That’s $82 off of my beautiful, sparkly clutch!!!! That makes this entire collection so much more affordable! I am not going to go into detail about the Collection itself because we have done that a few times already. If you want to read the details about this fabulous Minnie Mouse Collection, you can read it HERE. If you want to order one of the 6 pieces in the Collection, you can head on over to and shop your little heart out!! You need to enter the code PURPOSE at checkout!

A few things of note, everything on the Kate Spade site is 25% off, not just the Minnie Mouse Collection (for me that was a huge game changer). The other thing is just a hearsay but I believe it’s reliable. The coin purse that everyone saw in previews was never put into mass production. It did not just sell out and it will not appear (that we know of). It just never got made. Thought I would let you in on that little tidbit. Now, happy shopping, fellow fashionistas!

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