Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Collection Released Today!

While I was sleeping today, the long awaited Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Collection was released!!! Why do I think sleep is important after working a night shift?!?! The Collection is better than I could have hoped for and, from what I can tell, it is all online exclusive!

2016-03-04 21_01_38-minnie mouse francis - Kate Spade New York

I had not seen this bag yet but I am thrilled to see it now. This bag is much more neutral than the one I am actually going to buy (see below) but it would suit the general fashionista much better. This is an every day bag and it is perfection!! I love that I could use this with everything. The fact that it is only $248 is amazing to me. Her bags can go for much, much more!

2016-03-04 21_07_46-minnie mouse minnie bow clasp - Kate Spade New York

This bag is going to be mine. This one is only available for preorder right now but it will ship later this month. I love the glitter and the bow. This is the bag we all knew was coming and I have been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival!! It is only $328! I know you may think that is steep but I was sure it would be around $500!

2016-03-04 21_10_50-minnie mouse comic tote - Kate Spade New York

This Minnie Mouse comic tote is a great every day bag for running errands. It is a large enough size and, at $198, is a decent price for Kate Spade!

2016-03-04 21_14_46-kate spade new york for minnie mouse sweater - Kate Spade New York

This Minnie Mouse sweater is fabulous with all it’s sequins, don’t you think?? It comes in sizes XXS to XXL and is $298. I’m glad they thought about sizing because I have a feeling women of all sizes will want this!

There are other pieces in the collection but I am going to let you head there on your own! They are all on right now! Are you as excited as I am?? What is your favorite piece?? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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