Keep Cozy With These Fun New Disney Parks Jogger Pants

Disney Parks Jogger Pants

Although Florida is usually warm and sunny, we do still have some chilly days. It looks like Walt Disney World is prepared for the chill, because they’ve debuted cozy new pants! The cozy Disney Parks Jogger Pants are perfect for those sometimes unexpectedly cold days at Disney.

They are available in two styles so far that we’ve seen. There is a wicked Disney Villains pair, and a Disney Attractions pair available, both retail for $39.99.

The Villains joggers are a fabulous royal purple color, with black and white outlines of several Disney Villains. There are the usual suspects like Maleficent and the Evil Queen, but also some baddies who don’t get showcased as much like Scar, and Doctor Facilier! There is even a side stripe that says “It’s Good to be Bad”. Also, maybe it’s just me but I think these would look smashing with the new Purple Potion Spirit Jersey.

The Disney Attractions joggers are a cozy nautical blue, that has one leg with a printed pattern on it, and another leg that says “Walt Disney World. The repeating print lists many of our favorite attractions and spots from all over the Walt Disney World theme parks!  These definitely have a casual and cozy vibe to them, which is perfect for a chilly day at the Disney Parks.

Would you stay warm and cozy with these new Disney Parks Jogger Pants for a cool day at Walt Disney World?

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