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Learn How To Make Your Own Custom Mickey Ears!

I am a lover of my Mickey Ears. I have 2 bins in my hall closet with all my Mickey Ears and I wear them proudly every time I go to any Disney Park. I have spent a decent amount of money on my collection, it is true. I also have the same Mickey Ears that everyone else has. Well, what if that didn’t have to be the case? What if I could make my own Mickey Ears and have them look exactly how I imagined and unlike anyone else’s?? That’s exactly what is going to happen and I am going to share with you all the details of how you can do it, too.

custom mickey ears

I was approached by a fellow Disney Fashionista, Kim, who shared with me many of the wonderful ears she had created. I was awestruck. It really hadn’t occurred to me to make my own Mickey Ears before! I thought it must be too hard. Turns out, it isn’t necessarily a piece of cake, but it isn’t all that hard either. If we can make our own Disney shoes, we can make our own Mickey Ears, right?!?! I asked Kim to share the steps with me, of how to make the perfect Mickey Ears, and she gladly obliged!!! In the paragraphs below, Kim explains the exact process to create your very own, personalized Mickey Ears.

custom mickey ears custom mickey ears


Items you will need

-sewing machine

-Fabric of your choice (1/4 yard is plenty to make one set but if patterned just watch how you cut)

-a small piece of tulle,felt or fabric (for bow)

– stuffing (to fill ears)

-headband (for easy assembly: try and purchase  a plastic headband with fabric covering on it so you can just sew to it)

-a circle to trace about 5.25 inches & on one side add a “tab” or “flap”

-needle and thread

-hot glue


“The ears I make are customized with embroidery. If you don’t have an embroidery machine, Buying character fabric or colors (for a theme or character) works just as well. Examples: Little Mermaid- scale pattern or green fabric with a purple bow, Belle- Blue Ears with White Bow or Gold Ears with Red Bow, Peter Pan- Green Ears with a different Green Bow and add a red feather.”

custom mickey ears


After you pick out your fabric, fold it in half (good sides should be on the inside) (if patterned: put designed side to designed side so in “inside” is out facing you). You are then going to trace 2 of the circle on to the fabric.


Cut out the circles, but make sure to leaving a decent amount of fabric around your circle so you have extra room while sewing.


Keeping fabric folded together, put a pin in the center of the circle to hold it together while sewing.


Time to sew your ears together. You are now going to trace the circle making sure not to sew it shut. Do not sew the tab piece shut this is where you are going to flip your fabric and the opening where you will stuff it.


Now that they are sewn, turn them the right way. And you are now going to stuff them as much as you like.


When STEP 5  is done, you are now going to fold over the “tab” pieces and glue them shut.


This is the tricky part. Having your headband ready you will have to judge on the placement of your ears. (You can put headband on and look in a mirror to try and get them even) After you have the round-about idea where you want them, put just a little bit of hot glue on the headband and place the ear (flat “tab” side) to the glue. This is just to hold it in place while you sew the ear on. You are going to sew around the whole piece of the ear that is connected to headband. Be careful it may get difficult in some areas but just make sure you and catching both the fabric of the ear and fabric of the headband. We don’t want any ears falling off.


When that is all done you can now place your bow in the middle of the ears. I usually tack it on with glue and then sew the center of the bow to the headband.


“ And that’s it you are ready to rock you homemade custom Mickey Mouse Ears!! Remember have patience & practice makes perfect. You may not think your first pair came out super great but who cares they are homemade and it was your first time making them.”

custom mickey ears

I know it may seem overwhelming. I certainly thought so when I first read it. Now, though, I think I can totally pull this off! I am preparing to make my first pair this week. If you don’t feel that you are capable of doing this yourself but still want a pair of custom Mickey Ears, you can check out Kim’s Instagram- Crafts_by_Kimberly or contact her at [email protected] subject custom ears. She will be more than happy to help you out!!


If you are wondering how to make the bows mentioned or just want to see multiple ways to make a set of Mickey Ears that aren’t quite as detailed… or fabulous… You can find it on the 4disneyfashion pinterest board HERE.

What do you think of making your own Mickey Ears?? Are you going to try it out?? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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