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Beautifully Disney: A Few Things You May Not Have Known


Beautifully Disney was launched less than 2 years ago and has released numerous different themed lines of cosmetics since it’s inception. It started at the Downtown Disney store of Tren-D with just a small area of cosmetics from the inaugural Wickedly Beautiful line. It has now branched out into it’s own beautiful boutique within Marketplace Co op and carries many different collections from the Beautifully Disney line. The store is quite large and resembles a very trendy makeup counter at a higher end department store. It is very reminiscent of a MAC counter in Toronto for me personally. I find it to be very inviting with it’s shiny, bright black counters and shelves and it’s colorful displays. The cast members who work there are super helpful and will answer any and all questions you have. They even let me in on a little secret as to the next collection to be released but I’ll tell you that in a bit. Let’s take a closer look at the types of things you can purchase and the services they provide.

First of all, I learned something super important upon discussing the makeup with a certified cosmetologist at the boutique, Laura. I am aware that most makeup lines now a days are hypoallergenic but this line is also gluten free! I am sure some of you are wondering what gluten free has to do with makeup when it is usually discussed in terms of food. Many people who have an actual gluten allergy, not those that are eating gluten free for a healthier life style, are unable to use products with gluten in them. I have a friend who falls into this category and she has searched high and low for makeup that is gluten free. She actually has to order it from Canada! When I heard this news, I couldn’t wait to tell her! I found this to be something that makes the Beautifully Disney line stand out from the rest.


Beautifully Disney certainly carries a multitude of different cosmetics ranging from eye shadows, eye liners,  lip glosses, lipsticks, nail polishes, nail appliques, and blush. What many people don’t realize is that the line also carries everything else you need to go along with the makeup. There are brush sets, cosmetic bags, eyelash curlers, nail files, kabuki brushes, false eyelashes and blending sponges! Almost anything you could think of to apply your makeup in your daily routine is available!

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This line of makeup and it’s accessories are NOT meant for children. You can most certainly let children play with it if you desire but this line of cosmetics is meant for adults. The packaging is playful, fun and is meant to catch the eye of the adult Disney fan. I was told by the cast members that many people assume the cosmetics are for children and overlook the store. This is a shame because the products are quite fabulous. If MAC could have a line featuring Maleficent, why can’t Disney feature multiple collections with assorted characters? The possibilities are endless.


Another thing about the boutique in Downtown Disney, that I was unaware of, is that there are there are certified cosmetologists! The cosmetologists are there to help you determine what look and what collection is right for you. It’s the same as if you went to Nordstrom and asked the people at the MAC counter to show you what colors would work best on you and how to apply them. You can do this right at Disney! There is an area set aside for exactly this purpose and it looks like it’s fit for a queen. They will even map out your look on paper so you won’t forget what they told you by the time you get home.  I’d ask for Laura, if I were you. She was was super knowledgeable, helpful and exuded the love for her job. Her enthusiasm was infectious.

I did mention earlier that the cast members alluded to the next collection to be released in the Beautifully Disney line. It’s going to be released some time in November which is fitting because this blockbuster was released in that same month. I think we are all thinking the same thing… Frozen!! It will be here just in time for Christmas and I absolutely cannot wait!

I hope this opens your eyes to the magnificence that is the Beautifully Disney cosmetic line. The next time you are at Downtown Disney, or even shopping around the parks,  I hope you take the time to stop by and check it out. If you aren’t going to be at the parks, they carry it on the cruise ships too! They also have it at the Disneystore.com. If there is a collection you fall in love with and you are unable to get it at any of these locations, try Courtney at Mousetoyourhouse.com! She’s come through for me on several occasions!

Have any of you tried the Beautifully Disney cosmetic collections? What’s your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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