Let Your Conscience Guide You To The July Wisdom Series!

The Disney Wisdom Series is a favorite for man a Disney Fashionista and my conscience is especially thrilled with the July character! Jiminy Cricket is a rare character to find with an important message for us this July!

If you aren’t familiar with the Disney Wisdom Series, you should be! It is new every month and really does provide Disney Wisdom with its wide variety of characters and well-known quotes. Each series contains a plush, mug, pin set, and notebook. There really is something for everyone!

The Jiminy Cricket plush has the quote on his hat. Each item in the collection will have the words of wisdom somewhere on it. I like the quote on his hat because it reminds me of cartoon balloon bubbles with the words a character is saying. That could just be me though.

Most of us start our morning with a cup of coffee or tea so mugs are quite popular in our cabinet. This particular mug doesn’t just have the words of wisdom but Figaro joins Jiminy on the back of the mug. I love Figaro!


Pin traders will be thrilled to see this set include Jiminy, Figaro and the quote itself. This is a Limited Release and may be something a trader would like to just hold on to and not actually trade.

If you want to take the wise words of the Blue Fairy to heart, perhaps you want to take down notes or write a journal. This journal is for you!

The July edition of the Disney Wisdom Series will release in Disney Stores and on shopDisney on July 20th!

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