Series 4 Of the Disney Wisdom Collectible Series Has Arrived Featuring Piglet!

The Disney Wisdom Collectible Series has been a huge success ever since we announced it many months ago. Series 4 releases today and collectors are beyond excited for the arrival of Piglet and a quote from Christopher Robin.

This quote from Christopher Robin really speaks to me and is perfect for a collection that is about wisdom. This quote is beyond wise. Pair that with the color, and this mug is yet another I need to add to my collection.


If you are more into the pins that get released each month within the Wisdom Collectible Series, you will definitely want to check this 3 pin set out. Tigger and Piglet get their own pin but there is also a pin with the quote we were just talking about!

I am always in need of a new notebook. I love to write down ideas and plans. This would be more useful for me than the mug (I have enough mugs to open my own mug shop).


The ultimate piece of this collection is the plush and Piglet is beyond adorable with this quote on the front and the details on his ears. How does one narrow down the awesomeness of this collection!

Fans can discover a new character, color and quote every month as part of the new Disney Wisdom series. May will feature Meeko! Are you a fan of the Disney Wisdom Collectible Series? Let us know which has been your favorite so far in the comments below!

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