Meeko Is The Star Of The May Disney Wisdom Collection

Disney Wisdom Collection

It’s almost time for the Disney Store’s newest assortment in their monthly Disney Wisdom Collection. This month the star of the collection is Meeko! This lovable raccoon is features in a gorgeous teal color with an iconic quote from Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas.


When we got the first sneak peeks of the quotes for this collection, I was instantly crossing my fingers and hoping for Meeko to be the mascot of this quote. Like the previous months, this collection features a plush, journal, mug, and pin set both in stores and online. There will also be exclusive online-only offerings of a t-shirt, and wall art. The inspirational quote of wisdom this month is “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest path”.


The plushes from these collections are always the big wow factor. Meeko stands proudly with his hands on his hips, with Grandmother Willow’s inspired quote breezing across his tummy like the colors of the wind.


The mug is always another popular item in the collection! These showcase the inspirational quote art beautifully and are a nice collectible.

I’m always a fan of the pins, these make great small keepsakes and let you carry a little bit of Disney wisdom with you wherever you like.


If you’re looking to be inspired while taking notes, or just a writing muse the wisdom journals are fantastic! These are well bound journals with a sturdy cover featuring the quote. Inside you’ll find silhouettes of Meeko, and Pocahontas.

Series 5 of the Disney Wisdom Collection starring Meeko will be available online and in store this Saturday, May 18th.

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