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Let’s Go Out to Sea With The Newest Disney Dooney and Bourke Bags!

Yesterday we announced that there was a new Disney Dooney and Bourke pattern being released today and it has officially arrived at Disney Springs! The new pattern takes us Out to Sea with some of our favorite Disney water friends!

This Out to Sea pattern is perfect for the time of year where we are all getting ready for beach trips. If you live in warmer climates (Florida!) you have already had beach days and I’m sure you recognize this pattern is delightful for such a day! I can imagine being on a patio of a waterfront restaurant, sipping a cocktail and displaying this fab new bag right now (No, I wouldn’t bring my Dooney as a beach bag)!


The pattern features many of our favorite characters of the Sea on a lovely light blue backdrop. It does remind me of the original Dog Dooney release, tbh, because the accent is also luggage color. It works though! We all know how well that bag did. I see the usual suspects like Flounder, Sebastian, and Dory but there are other fabulous characters we don’t see every day! Monstro, the otters in Finding Dory, the seal from Mickey and the Seal, Tamatoa and more.

The silhouettes are large tote ($298), crossbody ($198), and wristlet ($98). Let’s talk about the crossbody first because it’s a rather small bag, smaller than the recent Tinker Bell bags. I have not seen this silhouette before (at least I don’t think). It’s not a foldover but it probably holds roughly the same as the bottom of as foldover. The lining in all the bags is the same lovely light blue as the background of the bag.

The Out to Sea shoppers tote bag has a zip top which I love! t also is the best bag to give an overview of the actual print because this print is big! It’s very hard to get good placement on the smaller silhouettes.

The wristlet is the perfect example of difficulty with placement. If you have a favorite character, you will want to search for the best placement on this one.

I cannot speak for the West Coast but Ever After Jewelry Co at Disney Springs is the only place the Out to Sea Dooney and Bourke bags are being carried at the moment. Uptown Jewelers did not have them as of this morning. Tomorrow is a new day, however. ShopDisney doesn’t have them either. If you are looking to get one of these bags (or are particular about placement) check out This is the preferred personal shopper of Disney Fashionista.

What do you think of the new Out to Sea Dooney and Bourke bags? Are you excited? Let us know in the comment box below!

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