Life is Short. Take the Trip, Buy the Ears, Eat the Churros!!

Life is short. Most of us have less than 100 years on this planet. With so many amazing things to do, places to see, and people to meet we have to prioritize the experiences we want to have. For me, that means loading up on as much Disney as possible! Because life is short, my new motto is now “Take the Trip, Buy the Ears, Eat the Churros!”


Go ahead and buy those super sparkly ears that you are only going to wear while you’re on vacation. Get the churros with extra dipping sauce – calories don’t count at Disney. Take the spur of the moment trip with your family and friends – the memories will last a lifetime! This shirt is absolutely perfect for those YOLO (You Only Live Once) days spent at the Disney Parks.

This fun design is available on Etsy from DeepInTheHeartTees HERE and pricing starts at $24.99.

The design of this shirt includes multiple font styles, an image of Cinderella Castle, and a pair of adorable Minnie Mouse ears. All that’s missing are the churros to bring it all together! I personally love this pretty mauve color that the shirt is pictured in above, but there are a ton of other color options to choose from as well. And when I say a ton of options, I mean over 50 different choices! You’re definitely going to find a color that you love!

So go ahead and take the trip, buy the ears, and eat the churros. Life is too short to skip out on the Disney magic!

What do you think of today’s Etsy discovery? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Monica V