Live Your Best Park Life In The New Park Life Collection!

I always live my best Park life. How can I not? It’s my favorite place to be! I have been waiting for the new Park Life Collection to arrive since I sneak peeked it back in November and it is finally here! There is so much more than I could have dreamed of!

I am talking leggings first because they are so gorgeous! I have found myself living in Disney leggings when it’s cooler (which it has been for me) and these will be mine! The print on the leggings is the same as we will find on the majority of the rest of the items but that’s what ties it all together and makes it a collection.

The images of the fab five and racing around the Parks living their best life can be found throughout the collection. The colors are everything. The shade of blue they have used is lovely and different than any they have used recently and the pinkish/peach color that corresponds really gives it a pop. This collection is not for those who shy away from color, that is for sure.

With every new collection, there is a Loungefly mini backpack! The above pics are the perfect example of placement. This pattern will need to be inspected when you are picking out your mini backpack. You will want to choose your favorite images and have them perfectly placed on this beauty (that goes perfectly with the leggings, I might add).

If you are a lover of hats, this one is for you! We all know I am obsessed with the teacups (even though I can’t ride them) and this hat is stupid adorable in my opinion.

Mickey and Minnie are clearly always living their best Park Life so it should be no surprise they can be found sporting attire in this same print. In fact, you will find the shirt Mickey is wearing is also for sale for men! I’m hoping this means the dress will eventually pop up for women, too!


If tee shirts are what you are looking for, there is this fab one for men but I would wear it too!

There is a bright tee shirt we saw as part of this collection back during the sneak peek and here it is! However, this sweatshirt which will still match the collection and isn’t quite as bold. It will be the choice for the fashionistas who want the comfort and style but not the flash.

If you aren’t into Loungefly mini backpacks (how can this be true?!) there are other options. There is a cinch bag we shared before but there is also this lovely crossbody that we had not yet seen! I adore this and, as I have way too many mini backpacks, I may go for this look instead! The 4 Park icons are perfectly placed and will go with the leggings, as well.


If you are wanting a regular backpack you are in luck because we spotted one of those in the collection too!

Stay hydrated with the Park Life tumbler to match the ensemble! I don’t know that I need another water bottle or tumbler but I can make an exception, right?

Finish off the entire look with 12 days of Disney Socks! These sets popped up with multiple different designs and themes over the last couple of months. I even saw a ton of sets at Target!

I am hoping the release of this collection means that the Dooney and Bourke we shared with you HERE at the same time will be arriving soon! I am dying for that bag!

This collection doesn’t appear to be online as of yet but if there is something you are interested in, be sure to email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected] and she can help you out!

What do you think of the new Park Life Collection? Do you always live your best Park Life, fashionistas! Let us know what is your favorite in the comments!

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