Looking For Those Sold Out Pandora Charms For Christmas?


I know that some people are probably over all the Pandora news. Some people are, however, simply wishing they could get their hands on some of the park exclusive pieces that have been sold out at the Parks and online. Christmas is coming, after all, and a lot of people have these items on their Christmas wish list. i don’t want to beat a dead horse or reinvent the wheel when it comes to these Pandora charms but I do want to let those people who want them how they can still get them.

I’ve been informed by an inside source that the warehouse does not have any of these charms in stock nor do they have any plans for a shipment at the Parks as of today. I can’t say when they will have any but I do know where you can get some. Courtney, from, still has some of the Park exclusive charms in stock. To me knowledge the ones sold out online and at the Parks are the following, Mickey Mania, Mickey Ear Hat, 2015 Edition, Animal Kingdom, I Love Mickey, WDW, and Mickey’s Sorcerer hat. Most of these are still available at mousetoyourhouse and Courtney ships immediately!

If you are looking for a more detailed description of some of the items, please check out some of out other articles that have covered them in more depth. If you already know which ones you are interested in, feel free to contact mousetoyourhouse and start getting some of those Christmas items knocked off your list! Good luck to you all and happy shopping!

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