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MAC Cosmetics Cinderella Collection Full Preview!

I have mentioned numerous times that I am Canadian. I have also mentioned that I am an exclusive MAC cosmetic wearer (with the exception of throwing in some Beautifully Disney from time to time). I have been wearing MAC since before it was available in the U.S.A and I had to  have it shipped from home. Times have changed and MAC is one of the leading cosmetic companies world wide so, of course, Disney chooses to combine efforts with them on special occasions. That special occasion has come and the occasion is the new live action film Cinderella! Let’s take a piece by piece look at the new MAC Cosmetics Cinderella Collection!

mac-cinderella-lipstick-free-as-a-butterfly mac-cinderella-lipstick-royal-ball

Let’s start by looking at the lipsticks. If you are not one to wear a lot of makeup, you may be interested in one of these more natural looking lipsticks. The first one is called Free as a Butterfly and is a nude color. The next one is called Royal Ball and is more of a pinkish nude color. I think both are wearable by many different skin tones and I absolutely adore the names. That’s one thing about these collections, even with Beautifully Disney, the names are part of the overall appeal. The lipstick retails for $17.50.

mac-cinderella-lipglass-happily-ever-after mac-cinderella-lipglass-glass-slipper

I will say this, these pictures don’t do the colors justice. One is much more pink and the other is more of a champagne pink. The first is called happily Ever After and it is the shimmery pink, which would work really well as a top layer over the lipstick. The second is called Glass Slipper and it the more champagne-pink of the two. The lip gloss retails for $16.50.

mac-cinderella-iridescent-pressed-powder-coupe-d-chic mac-cinderella-beauty-powder-mystery-princess

We have the Iridescent Pressed Powder in 2 Coupe D’Chic  which is a peach color, which is the first compact. The second is actually Beauty Powder and it is called Mystery Princess. The Beauty Powder is not quite is iridescent as the first compact,, hence the difference. They both retail for $28.


I’m going to move on to eyes, because that’s my favorite. This 6 pack is called Stroke Of Midnight and includes the following colors:  Vapour, a light peachy-pink; Phloof!, a frosty off-white; Omega, a beige-taupe; Quarry, a plum-brown; Satin Taupe, a silvery taupe, and Stroke of Midnight, a black sparkly plum. I personally think you can make this a totally neutral look or really up the oomph and use the darker colors to make a Smokey eye. This eye shadow  palette is $44.

mac-cinderella-studio-eye-gloss-pearl-varnish mac-cinderella-studio-eye-gloss-lightly-tauped

I am a fan of the studio eye gloss. You can use these as a base, to amp up the color that you put over it or as a an eye shadow on it’s own. The first shown here is called Pearl Varnish and it is a shimmery white color. The second is Lightly Tauped and it is a beige color base.  These retail for $23 each.

mac-cinderella-fluidline-little-black-bow mac-cinderella-fluidline-macroviolet

The above are called Fluid Line and they are amazing for doing a structured line in your eye look. I love it for a severe cat eye. I own a few. In this collection, there are 2. the first is called Little Black Bow, which is, of course, black. The second is called Macroviolet and it will be in my makeup bag the second it goes on sale. It is a rich, smokey, violet color that I think will pair amazingly well with the 6 color palette! These retail for $17.50.

mac-cinderella-glitter-reflects-pearl mac-cinderella-pigment-evil-stepmother mac-cinderella-pigment-pretty-it-up

Next up we have the pigments. I have many different pigments from MAC because they can be used in a million ways. Did you know that, aside from using these as eye shadows, you can mix them with clear lip gloss or clear nail polish to make that color gloss or polish?? You can! It works perfectly well. I learned that little trick from a MAC artist years ago and have kept that little snippet of info in my back pocket for use many times. The above pigments are called Reflects Pearl (white), Evil Stepmother (black-plum) and Pretty It Up (olive). These pigments retail for $24 each and last forever!

There are also brushes included in the Cinderella Collection but I am not going to go over them, mostly because I am not sure what makes them special to this collection. There is also a mascara, and with the exception of the packaging, it seems to be the same as all the other fabulous mascara MAC sells.

This collection will be available for sale online February 26th and in stores March 5th, It is set to be globally distributed through out March. I know that I am personally quite excited about this collection and will be online next week! I already have my list made. I am also very excited about the live action Cinderella release!!

What do you think? Will you be purchasing some of the new collection? What are your favorite pieces?? Let us know in the comment box below.


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