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Magic Bands- What They Are & How To Make Them Fabulous (Part 1)!


It’s been a while since Magic Bands have been a part of our lives and yet many of us still don’t know how they work or what they are capable of. The other facet of these accessories people are a little less familiar with is how to make them a fun accessory! I thought maybe it was time to touch base briefly on what the are and how to make them the envy or everyone who sees them.

Let’s start with a brief description of what they are and what they can do. Magic Bands are Disney’s replacement for the room key as well as replacing having to carry around multiple cards and papers. For example, the Magic Band acts as your room key, as we said. You can link your fast pass+ and photopass+ to it and you can link your credit card to it! It also has dining reservations linked to it… well let’s just say you can link almost anything to it including your park admission tickets! There is an app and website called that you sign up for (don’t worry, it’s free) and you can see all of the aforementioned things and more!

Planning is now a piece of cake. in my opinion. It is a little more difficult to fly by the seat of your pants, if you will, due to the fact that you can pick fast passes up to 60 days in advance and dining reservations up to 180 days in advance. I am a huge planner, though, and therefore I love it. I have had few to no problems with mine and the odd time I’ve wanted to check on a couple of things, the cast members have done everything they could do help me. If you are wanting more info on Magic Bands and how the work check out and get even more details.

Now, I will say the one thing I had a problem with, when Magic Bands came out, was the fact that I didn’t love them as an accessory to my well planned outfit. I know, this sounds kind of pathetic but I’m standing my ground on this one. I am not a huge plastic accessory wearer and this did not fit into my plans. Then I discovered the many, many ways to make these Magic Bands much more fashion forward. There are the DIY approaches, which I will touch on in a future article, but Disney has (of course) come up with much easier ways to bring this to fruition.


Disney has created 3 different ways to decorate your Magic Band without having to DIY. You don’t even have to plan in advance. You can walk in to any of the stores on Disney grounds and they can either direct you to the display or tell you the nearest store that carries what you are looking for.  There are Band- Its, Sliders and Covers. There are a multitude of different characters and themes you can choose from. There are also different specialty Magic Bands themselves (like the one we showed on FB last week for Christmas time) which are usually limited edition and created for special occasions.

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The other thing people don’t seem to realize is that if you order your Magic Bands on the mydisneyexperience website prior to shipping, you can chose your color (from 7 color options) AND you can have each one in scripted with the person’s chosen name. When I say chosen, I say it this way for a reason. My name is Michelle but I don’t always chose to be called this… and that’s when I pick a fun nickname and have that inscribed on the inside of the band. It’s just a little something extra I enjoy.

I hope that helps break down a bit of what Magic Bands are and how you can decorate them the Disney way. For how to DIY, check out a future article with many fun ways to make your Magic Band a little more fabulous!

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