Make A Difference With This Mickey Kitchen Collection

I love finding items that make a difference. You are probably wondering how on Earth this Mickey kitchen collection can make a difference (other than to your kitchen). Well, all the proceeds go to charity! Aside from the fact that I adore this particular set, I adore the reason to buy one just as much… or more.


This image has become close to my heart while looking for all the Disney wedding items I can find. The cutting board is darling but I love the fact the salad tongs have one character on each and look like they are kissing when used together. That’s so awesome. I also enjoy the date and/or name on both the cutting board and handles. This is completely hand made and has no paint toxins, which is important when you are using it for eating. It would be an incredible shower, wedding or anniversary gift, as well!

I found this on Etsy at a store called¬†DesignsByDagenais. This particular item, and all it’s details (including how the money is donated to charity) can be found HERE. Enjoy and keep making a difference, fashionistas!

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