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Make It Pink Or Make It Blue With These Sleeping Beauty Inspired Designs

Do you Disneybound? I love creating outfits based on my favorite Disney characters! Today, I’m channeling Minnie Mouse at the office by wearing a black cardigan with white polka dots and a Minnie Mouse bow necklace. Who says you can’t bring a little Disney magic to your work day? And while Minnie Mouse is my favorite Disneybound personality, today I’m sharing some ideas from royalty. Recently, I shared with you all my Rapunzel and Snow White inspired outfits based only on pieces I found through Etsy. Today, I’m sharing looks based on Sleeping Beauty!

One of my favorite parts of Sleeping Beauty is when Flora and Merryweather are arguing over whether Aurora’s dress should be pink or blue. As a kid, I would laugh so hard at this scene. As an adult, I know the struggle of finding the perfect color balanced outfit. That’s why today’s Aurora inspired looks tackle the question we’ve been asking ourselves since 1959. Pink or blue?

Aurora Leggings

You’ll feel like you’re living once upon a dream in these magical Princess Aurora inspired leggings! You’ll never have to choose between pink and blue in these vibrant leggings! These comfortable leggings are great for a dance through the woods with an owl or prince, Disneybounding, or just sleeping in (until true love’s kiss)! You can find them on Etsy from TheAdventureEffect for $40.00.

Make it Pink or Make it Blue Tank Tops

Have you made your choice? These Aurora inspired tank tops are for the Princess who knows what she wants! I always root for the blue dress option, so I already know which tank top I would choose. Do you have a preference? You can wear this shirt to any yoga, kickboxing, or spinning class.These shirts are super soft and make for the perfect workout shirt! You can find the pink option HERE and the blue option HERE. Both are available on Etsy from BranchBirds.

Sleeping Beauty Inspired Raglan

If you still can’t decide which color is your favorite, this Sleeping Beauty inspired raglan is the perfect solution! This is a unisex product, so both men and women can join the debate! You can find this magical raglan on Etsy from WayfindingPrincess. Pricing starts at $32.00.

Princess Aurora Inspired Baseball Hat

A Princess isn’t ready for the ball without her accessories! Top your outfit with one of these Aurora inspired baseball hats. I just love the minimalist design featuring Aurora’s royal crown! Again, you have your choice between pink and blue (or black and white if you just can’t pick a side). You can find all the color options on Etsy from OnceUponAPotts for $25.00.

Once Upon a Dream Necklace

I love jewelry, so of course I just had to add a few sparkly pieces to this collection. This Once Upon a Dream necklace is perfect for any Princess! Each necklace features a rose charm (in reference to Briar Rose) and a spinning wheel chair, plus two lovely pink beads. You can find it on Etsy from WithLoveFromOC for just $17.60.

Blue and Pink Brooch

The last piece in my Etsy created Sleeping Beauty collection is this gorgeous and glittery brooch! The piece features both the pink and blue color palette on the Disney “D.” I also love how the rose is a combination of both colors. The rose reminds me of when Flora and Merryweather both hit the dress at the same time to create splashes of both pink and blue. This brooch can be added to any of the shirts or hats I’ve shared above. Or, add to clothes you already have in your closet for that subtle nod to Sleeping Beauty. You can find this brooch on Etsy from Twinklesprinklestore.

Now that I’ve shared all my favorite Sleeping Beauty inspired finds with you, I want to know what you think! Do you have a favorite piece? Would you have made Aurora’s dress pink or blue? Let me know in the comment section below!



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Monica V

Monica V

Monica lives in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a former Disney Cast Member (via the Disney College Program Fall 2011) and a current Disney Addict.
Monica V


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