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May the Force Be With You in the New Star Wars X Levi’s Collection

What is more iconic; Levi’s or Star Wars? In the new Star Wars X Levi’s Collection, you do not have to choose! Enjoy the history, fandom, and nostalgia of both brands with this new collection of ready to wear styles.

I had no idea before today, but did you know that Levi’s and Star Wars actually have quite the history together? Luke Skywalker’s original costume actually incorporated a pair of bleached white Levi’s jeans! Now, 40 years later, the two brands are back at it again for a whole new collaboration.

It’s hard to believe that it has taken this long for a full Star Wars X Levi’s collection, but the wait is finally over! This new line features subtle hints at the film’s iconic moments to not-so-subtle movie posters and character images.

Jonathan Cheung, senior vice president of design innovation at Levi’s recently sat down with to talk about his philosophical approach to the new collection.

“Essentially it’s kind of T-shirts and jeans, which is the Levi’s uniform,” Cheung said about the new collection. But as you will see, it is so much more than that!

This collection is really all about the details. A special loom was used to weave “May the Force Be with You” in black and yellow on the selvedge, typically the red line at the ankle of a pair of jeans that marks the edge of the weaving at the seam. If you leave these jeans uncuffed, no one would ever know you were sporting a pair of Star Wars-inspired jeans. But really, we think the world should know. So go ahead and cuff those jeans all day long!

“It is such a universal uplifting phrase, you know?” Cheung says. “It’s the kind of thing you might tell yourself or your children before you face a particular challenge.”

Obviously, Levi’s is known for its denim. But that extends past your pair of standard-issue jeans. The denim jackets in this collection are truly out of this world in terms of Star Wars style.

These jackets are a nod to fans who have been creating their own Star Wars jean jackets for years. “We were looking to recreate fan-made vintage,” Cheung said of the denim jacket. “There’s a future-vintage flavor to it. You can’t quite place the timeline. It feels very familiar and has that nostalgia but also it’s new.”

And speaking of vintage pieces, this collection gives nods to vintage Star Wars toys as well. A few of the shirts feature images of the original Kenner action figures from when the films were first released.

One of my favorite Star Wars characters has always been Chewbacca. So, I am thrilled to see Chewie represented in this collection.

“I think Chewbacca is basically the Cindy Crawford of Wookiees,” Cheung said. “It looks like a high-fashion shoot so we were determined to get that in.”

Of course, we cannot talk about a Star Wars collection without talking about Princess Leia. Cheung wanted to evoke both the strength of the character and the actor who portrayed her.

“We wanted to pay respect to Carrie Fisher and also what Leia stood for, so we were looking for an iconic image that kind of projected that. There were quite a few we could have used. That was the one we landed on. A real strong portrait of Leia,” Cheung said.

For me, the collection’s most stand-out prints pay homage to the first film’s most enduring sequences — the Rebel Alliance versus the Death Star dogfight.

“That’s the highlight of the first movie and one of the most iconic pieces of cinematic history of all time,” Cheung said.

The jacket and jeans feature a star-studded pattern dotted with X-wings, Star Destroyers, and the Millennium Falcon. Wear separately for a classic nod to the film or wear together for that ultimate Star Wars look.

With the new collection about to drop, I can’t help think of which pieces I will wear to the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But when you are talking about a Star Wars X Levi’s collection, there really is no wrong choice.

Fans can shop the new collection starting November 1. For now, head over to to read the full interview with Jonathan Cheung.

What do you think of the new Star Wars collection from Levi’s? What pieces are you loving? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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