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Mickey Mouse Balloon Necklace to Show Your Disney Love

One of my favorites things to do is incorporate subtle Disney touches into my everyday wardrobe. Whether through Disney Bounding, fun Disney fashion finds, or subtle pieces of jewelry, Disney magic is always with me. When I found this Mickey Mouse Balloon Necklace on Etsy, I knew I had to share with all the other Disney Fashionistas out there.

Mickey Mouse Balloon Necklace

I am in love with how simple this Mickey Mouse Balloon Necklace is. The stamped metal and Mickey balloon silhouette is just the right amount of pixie dust for the casual Disney fashionista. The actual metal is sterling silver which is great for everyday wear because it won’t tarnish or turn your neck green.

Even better, when you order, you can choose between different chain lengths and styles. I love when shops offer this because I like my necklaces a little shorter than I can usually find in stores. Whenever you are able to customize your jewelry or fashion to your own personal taste, it just makes shopping that much better. Prices for this simply gorgeous Mickey Mouse Balloon Necklace start at $28.00 and go up from there depending on how your customize your order.

Wouldn’t this make a perfect birthday present for the Disney fashion lover in your life? I mean, balloons and birthdays are the perfect combination! Maybe I will start dropping some not-so-subtle hints to my family and friends…

If you want to add some subtle Disney magic to your everyday fashion game, you can find this Mickey Mouse Balloon necklace on Etsy from HeavyMetalzStudio. Happy shopping!



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