Mini Backpack Wristlets Add Major Style To Your Disney Look!

With the release of the Arendelle Aqua Collection, the mini backpack wristlet was born. Many of us were suspecting it would be the newest craze and I think the release of 5 new designs on shopDisney this morning solidifies that suspicion!

When Disney starts a new craze they do not start small. Amongst the 5 new designs, there are 2 of the most popular color releases: Arendelle Aqua and Rose Gold. In case you missed us discussing these amongst the Arendelle Aqua release, these are little exact replicas of the Loungefly mini backpacks in miniature form. They include the wrist strap but there is also a spot on the back that you could put a belt through and wear them as a fanny pack! The best part is that the price point is incredible at $40. You can find these HERE.

With the Haunted Mansion celebrating a big anniversary this year, it’s no surprise a mini backpack wristlet has materialized. I have the fanny pack in this pattern so I can save my wallet on this one but it’s absolutely adorable and can be found HERE.

The ideal mouse couple, Mickey and Minnie, each has their own backpack wristlet. It’s nice to see the classics are included in this new craze. They can be found HERE.

I know that these wristlets have been spotted at multiple locations in Disney Springs and also at Uptown Jewelers. It would appear that only 2 or three of the designs are in each location though. We have yet to find all 5 in the same place. We are definitely keeping our eyes wide open and hopefully, more new patters will appear in this new trend.

What do you think of the new mini backpack wristlets? Are you jumping on this new trend? Let us know in the comments!

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