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Top 10 Reasons To Wear a Fanny Pack At Disney Parks


I talked about what to wear and what not to wear at Disney Parks a while back. I very carefully left off the topic of hip packs from the what not to wear article. Many people commented that hip packs should have been on the list. I disagree. Today, I am finally going to explain why I think hip packs are the best thing ever to bring to the Disney Parks… and Disney Parks only. Please do not misconstrue what I am saying. Don’t go to the mall with a hip pack and expect me to back you up. I don’t care if it’s a Louis Vuitton hip pack, that doesn’t make it cool to wear it on a date! I am a fashionable woman and I pride myself in that department, but when it comes to a day at a Disney Park, hip packs rule. Besides, they are back in style! Here are my top 10 reasons to wear a hip pack at Disney Parks.

  1. Easy To Get Through Security– It’s a small bag, it takes seconds to finish with the security guard.  Yes, you still have to stand in the bag check line, but your turn will be quick.

  2. Holds All The Necessities– I don’t need to carry around a bunch of extra stuff I don’t need. My hip packs allow me to carry my necessities (lipstick, cards, id) as well as my camera, Tylenol, band-aids, small antiseptic gel, and a snack. There’s even room for my sunglasses when I’m on a ride that I don’t want to leave them on my head.

  3. Easy Access To What You Need– You don’t have to take the hip pack off your back to look for whatever you need. You don’t have to remove it at all. You look down, unzip, grab the item and close…. while walking,. No issues.

  4. No Tan Lines– You’re at Disney. It’s hot. You are wearing a tank top or a scoop neck tee shirt. A cross body bag or back back is going to leave lines. Not a hip pack. I can get a tan and not worry about weird lines the next day.


  1. Don’t Have To Remove For Photos– No one even has to know you are wearing it in photos BUT you also didn’t have to take it off and hand it to someone or have it visible in the photo. I slide mine around to the back and cover the strap with my top. Done. You’d never know it’s there. Can you see it in the above photo? I’m wearing it!

  2. Don’t Have To Remove For Rides– Even with a lap bar or strap, you don’t need to remove the hip pack. You can just slide it to the side and go! It doesn’t get much more secure than that.

  3. No Back Pain– I have seen people walking around with giant backpacks. I’m sorry, but that has to hurt. I am already a victim of back pain and I don’t need to add to that. With a hip pack, I am back pain-free.

  4. No One Can Pick Pocket You– I suppose if they are really good and you are distracted enough, someone could pickpocket you. If you are wearing a backpack, it is much more likely this will happen to you. I am not comfortable with having the opening to all my belongings behind my back. In a busy setting, like the Disney Parks, it could happen so easily. Don’t think it won’t happen to you just because you are at Disney either. it happens everywhere. It’s super difficult to do with a hip pack.

  5. Leaves Your Arms Open For Other Things– Let me explain. You don’t have to shift a purse or remove a backpack or have extra weight if you need to pick up a child. That was pretty much where I was going with this one.

  6. You Don’t Have To Carry Other People’s Stuff– So, does everyone remember going out with your mom and you end up with a few small bags here or there and you notice she has her purse. So you ask her to hold it for you in her purse. No one can do this when you only have a hip pack. You are responsible for your belongings and that’s it. No extra weight.

Now tell me the truth, after reading my list, you are sitting there pondering the use of a hip pack. I have converted people before. My friends have made fun of me and I put them to the test, “You try it out and borrow one. If you don’t like it, I won’t say another word.”  I have converted a few of my friends to use a hip pack. Let me add that my hip packs are Disney ones that I have purchased over the years. I have 4: a black one, 2 brown and a purple Tinker Bell one. I alternate them based on what I am wearing that day. I do not wear them anywhere else and I do not wear them when I wear a dress. I have to resort to the cross body bag when I do that (that’s how I know about number 4).

I have been asked where to get Disney themed hip packs. I got all of my original ones at Disney and they have been adding new ones to the mix. If you are looking for tons of creative patterns and designs for each and every mood, I get mine from Mickey and Mandy on Etsy HERE.

Have I convinced you to try it? Will you back down to the peer pressure of never wearing a hip pack and try it on your next Park visit? Let me know in the comment box below.

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