Minnie Mouse Magnets Add A Splash Of Style To Your DCL Door

Minnie Mouse Magnets

Recently several of us from Disney Fashionista all took an amazing Disney Cruise Line vacation together! As a group of stylish ladies, we definitely needed some stylish doors. That is where the fantastic Cruise N’ Style Minnie Mouse Magnets from Gulf Breeze Productions came in!

The Cruise N’ Style collection was the perfect fit for us because we could change Minnie’s outfit every day! Change her outfit daily we did too, and it was so much fun dressing her up each morning.

We had an incredible selection of mix and match options to choose from. Plus we even had one Minnie mouse wearing our Disney Fashionista logo!

In addition to wardrobe changes, there was also a fun selection of hands and accessories to choose from.

One of my favorite outfits was the ice cream styles! We had fun shirts to swap out that said cool sayings, as well as ice cream magnets to put in Minnie’s hands.

We also had special magnets for Pirate Night! These were a fun way to get everyone excited for Pirate Night on the ship. They even came complete with fun pirate signs that read “Yo-ho-ho, A pirate’s life for me”!

Of course, since all of us are coffee fans, we also had the coffee magnets! These posed arms are perfect, with their Starbucks inspired drink cups in hand.

The Cruise ‘n Style Minnie Mouse Magnets can be found on Gulf Breeze Production’s Etsy page. You can also add upgrades here, for the magnet sets with fun options like Beach Day, coffee, or snacks.

Would you add a splash of nautical pixie dust to your DCL Door with the Cruise ‘n Style Minnie Mouse Magnets?

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