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Minnie Mouse Signature Collection Coming This Fall

Everyone knows, by now at least, that Minnie Mouse is my style icon. She’s just brilliant. You can imagine, knowing this, how ecstatic I was when I saw the new Minnie Mouse Signature Collection coming to the Disney Store this fall. I was blessed enough to be able to see the collection up close and personal at the D23 Expo 2015. I also had the opportunity to purchase some pieces for myself.. for inspiration. Here’s a closer look at the collection.

minnie mouse signature collection minnie mouse signature collection doll

This is the big picture. I would kill for the painting of Minnie Mouse in her ball gown but that, unfortunately, was for display only. I settled for the Minnie Mouse doll. The gorgeous black satin gown with the huge red bow in the back, along with her pearls, are the exact reason she is my style icon. Her taste is flawless. I have this doll on my desk for inspiration while i write.

There are so many other things in the Minnie Mouse Signature Collection to enjoy! As an overview, you can see the display was huge! There was a tee shirt, sweatshirt, cup and saucer, mug, bags, letterhead and a notebook…. she has put her stamp on everything! The overall theme of the entire collection is elegance. This isn’t a collection for children. It is more for the seasoned fashionista. Children could certainly enjoy it but it does have that added taste level that children may not appreciate.

minnie mouse signature collection

This tee shirt has the image of Minnie in all her sophistication but you can see that it is not simply an average tee shirt. The large scoop neckline and the asymmetrical ruffle had more elegance and style to an otherwise normal tee shirt. The colors used to portray Minnie are rich, unlike the common classic red used to portray Minnie Mouse.

minnie mouse signature collection

Are you wondering what this is? It’s a purse, I mean mug that LOOKS like a purse. I may or may not have fallen in love with it and purchased it. Anything with a big red bow and polka dots that looks like a purse is perfection to me!

minnie mouse signature collection

Here is a closer look at the sweatshirt, which is very light weight and has a fabulous quilted, embroidered bow on the front! The bag, as you can see, also has a quilted design and Minnie sporting her big red bow. It is quite clear what the theming is here. It really is like a true signature collection, with the thread of the deep red, black and white with the big bow through out the collection.

minnie mouse signature collection

Above is my haul (I told you I loved it). I got the doll as well as the mug and the other two things you see are the faux leather bound notebook (with big red bow) and note cards. If you ever win one of our give aways, you will find one of these note cards enclosed. I also bought the shirt I showed you, which is not pictured in my haul photo. I am true to my word, I LOVE this entire collection.

What do you think of this new Minnie Mouse Signature Collection coming to the Disney Store this fall?? Are you looking forward to any particular piece? Let us know in the comment box below!

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