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More New Disney Pandora Charms Expected This Fall 2015!

It’s been almost 2 months now since I have shared with you the new Disney Pandora charms we can expect to see this fall. What I didn’t know, is that there are some that I didn’t cover! I didn’t want to let you down and I thought I had better get you up to speed. I want to preface this entire article with the fact that these pictures are from Pandora’s Angels Facebook Page and Mora Pandora. If you are a Pandora lover in general, and not just Disney Pandora, I highly recommend checking them out as they both cover Pandora’s collections far more in depth than I do…. for everything not related to Disney.


I came across this one, not on either of the 2 sites I previously mentioned, but while shopping online…. I found them available for preorder! He retails for $65 USD or $75 CAD. Now, I am not sure if thy are truly authentic where I found them but I do know that they aren’t available till November, or there about, for us! How did these people get their hands on them early? No clue… but, if you want to pay almost double the price (at $110), you can find it HERE.

Let me talk about this one for just a second. Even if you are sick of Frozen, you are most likely not sick of Olaf. He’s adorable. I freaking love him. I also love that the charm says “I like warm hugs” Adorable!!! I am most definitely going to need this one for my new Pandora charm bracelet!


The above are the Princess Jasmine beads and charms you will be able to find this fall/winter. I did not find these available for sale early but, since I didn’t really want to pay double the price, I am okay with waiting. I love the slipper! I like the sparkle and the fact that people may want to discuss it. From the picture, I think it could almost be Tinker Bell’s. I like conversation pieces. As Jasmine got left out of the spring Disney Pandora releases, while many of the other princesses of her time were present, she is making a grand entrance with these 3 charms. I am really excited to see her get representation!

I am sorry for the delay of the info here. I will be better in the future. In the meantime, what do you think of these new charms? Were you hoping for Olaf or Jasmine? Who else would you like to see this fall? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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