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Mulan Inspired Candle Will Bring Honor To Your Home

Winter is starting to fade and spring is starting to bloom. For me, that means it is time to switch up my home fragrances and candles! This Mulan inspired candle is just delightful and will bring honor to your home. Plus, it will make your home smell great too!

I just love lighting candles around my home! They bring that cozy living feeling to any space and also help to remove the scents of last night’s dinner from the air. When I’m feeling a little extra stressed out, my go-to mood booster is lighting a candle, making a cup of stress relieving tea, and curling up in my favorite chair to read a book.

This candle is inspired by the ancient Chinese legend of Mulan. And, with the live-action Mulan film about to hit theaters, I am particularly loving this candle right now! This Mulan inspired candle is an enchanting mix of Cherry Blossoms, Orange Flower, and Lotus Blossoms. Honestly, I’m already in love with just that description!

Each 8 oz candle comes in a 9 oz glass jar with a black metal lid. The burn time for this size candle is 50+ hours. That means your home will be smelling fresh for quite a while! These candles are made from all-natural soy wax that allows for a strong scent throw and easy cleanup.

Are you ready to bring honor to your home with this Mulan inspired candle? Head over to BriarWick on Etsy HERE to get one for yourself (or for a friend!). Pricing starts at just $8.50.

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