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My Top 10 Disney Winter Accessories To Help Keep Me Warm!

I know the weather has warmed up a bit over the past few days in some areas but, with cold temperatures looming around the corner, I figured I’d better be ready. I am not a huge fan of the cold. I left the great, white north to get away from winter! I thought I could escape it moving to the south but I was wrong. With that being said, I didn’t really hang on to any of my old scarves, mitts/gloves or hats, thinking I wouldn’t need them anymore. I am in need of all three. I have searched around to find my favorite Disney winter accessories and I’ve compiled them here for you.

1. Mickey Scarf ($26) Etsy


This scarf clearly represents Mickey. It is hand made and it looks warm. The black makes it easy to wear with multiple things and the fact that it is a classic Disney design makes it even more fun to me. I also think it could be worn without a coat as just an accessory when the weather is cool but not cold.

2. “The Magic of Disney” Fleece Hat, Scarf and Gloves ($59.95) The Bradford Exchange


It’s a complete set and it has the whole gang on it!! I’m not much for fleece, I prefer wool, but I can’t resist this fun, character set.

3. Neverland Beanie ($22.99) CakeWorthy


It’s gray and wool, which I love. It would go with half my wardrobe. The fact that this one is subtle, as not everyone would get the “Neverland” reference. makes it a piece that could even be worn by closet Disney lovers.

4. Perry The Platypus Phineus and Ferb Face Adult Pom Beanie Hat ($13.95)


Perry is my niece’s fave character so when I found this hat, I knew I had to put it on my list. Aside from that, this hat looks like it would be fun to wear when you’re feeling mischievous or angry. I’ll take one.

5. The Oogie Boogie Slouch Beanie ($11.60) Take 20% Off Site at!


What can I say? This one’s for my dark side. It’s also a neutral color…. but it’s for my dark side.

6. Disney’s Frozen Olaf “Expert on Snow” Hat & Texting Gloves Set ($14.99) Kohl’s


It’s another set but it’s Olaf! He IS an expert on snow! I love the color. I love the expression. I love Olaf. This set is adorable and it’s on sale right now! You can Take An Extra 20% Off In Store and Online!

7. Pull the Lever Beanie ($22.99 ) Cakeworthy


This one is kind of an inside joke and she will know it when she reads it but I do love this hat. The fact that anyone who doesn’t know about The Emperor’s New Groove will look at this hat and think ‘what??’… well that makes me smile.

8. Disney Lilo & Stitch Scrump Knit Beanie ($14.62) Hot Topic


I am loving this beanie. It is youthful and fun! I love the colors and the theming. It is one that people will look at and wonder why they know it but can’t put their finger on it. I get a kick out of that. The price I listed is the sale price right now.

9. Disney’s Minnie Mouse Women’s “Fashionista” Pom-Pom Beanie Hat ($10.40) Kohl’s


This Minnie Mouse “Fashionista” hat was basically made for me!! Minnie Mouse and Fashionista all in one??? Please, I need to buy multiples of these and give them to my friends to remind them of me! You can Take An Extra 20% Off In Store and Online!

10. Star Wars Rebel & Empire Fingerless Gloves ($7.12) Hot Topic



Star Wars is huge right now and this coming week is the week the new movie comes out!! I think fingerless gloves are a great accessory for the cooler weather.

That’s my top 10 Disney winter accessories to help keep me warm. I think I found some pretty awesome pieces and a decent variety. What do you think? Do you have a fave Disney accessory to keep you warm? Share it with me in the comment box below!

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