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New 3-D Cases Make Your Phone Stand Out!


My cell phone goes everywhere I go and is probably the most used thing I own. Sometimes I feel like it’s more of an extension of my hand than a separate device. Since it goes with me everywhere, I want it to look cute and express my style.  That’s where Disney cell phone cases come into the picture! And while Disney cases have been around for a while, 3-D cases take this accessory to an entirely new level!

Princesses are my favorite Disney characters, and I’m actually pretty sure that I am one. Almost every coronated princess has her own case. Each one also shows a sidekick because let’s be honest: we love Cinderella, but we LOVE Gus (and Raja and Lumiere and all the others!)

Princesses aren’t the only ones feeling the love though. Lots of our favorite characters are represented on these. I’m especially loving the mash-up of Peter Pan and It’s a Small World!

Star Wars fans can get in on the 3-D trend as well! I love the classic look of the first one, but the Jedi design is really beautiful.

If classic is your jam, this case is for you! It looks like the original tickets used for the top attractions when Walt Disney World first opened. The overlay has the opening year of Disney World with classic pictures of Walt Disney himself mixed in with other vintage images. This is perfect for fans of Disney history.

Each case is made of two layers printed with different parts of the design. I see it most easily with the Nemo case pictured above, and a Cast Member told me that it is much more noticeable when it is actually on a phone than in the package. Right now, they are only available for Apple phones 6-10 in both plus and regular versions. Each case is $34.99. I found these at D-Tech inside Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs.

What do you think of these new phone case designs? Tell us your favorite one in the comments!



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