New Aldo Disney Shoe Collection Coming This Fall

Aldo Disney Shoe Collection

Shoes, oh my god shoes, let’s get some shoes! I know exactly the shoes to get too, the new Aldo Disney Shoe Collection! This magical new collection of stylish kicks were previewed at D23 Expo, but they will be coming to stores this October!

Classic sneakers are always in style. These white low tops have a sleek style, with contrast stripes of red that feature Mickey appliques. I love how versatile these can be too, you can wear them with jeans or shorts, or even a cute sundress!


The black ankle booties are absolutely stunning! These babies are super sleek in cute, and style, which makes the Mickey and Minnie designs really stand out. I love how these have an edginess to them but are also still cutesy.

The stand out in the collection is definitely the yellow heels! Why yellow? Well, that’s the color shoes Mickey and Minnie wear! These are a very traditional style high heel as far as styles and shapes go, which is perfect for such a bold statement pair. Minnie Mouse graces the back of the right shoe, while Mickey wraps around the back of the left. I honestly can’t wait to see these styled with a Mickey or Minnie DisneyBound!

This fabulous new Aldo Disney Shoe Collection will hit stores in October!

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