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New Balance RunDisney Shoes 2015- Feeling A Little Bit of Deja Vu

I have been waiting anxiously to tell you all about the new runDisney New Balance 2015 shoes and I have finally got confirmation. I was in denial. I admit. I was also a little selfish that I didn’t share this earlier but I can’t deny it anymore. It has been confirmed that last year’s runDisney New Balance shoes were so successful, they are bringing them back. Why do I say I was in denial and selfish? Well, I bought 2 pair of these last year and I didn’t want to accept that I wouldn’t be able to buy multiple new pair this year! So I apologize.  I have done numerous articles on the 2014 collection and i don’t plan on writing it all out again. Even the designs of the shoes are the same. Therefore, if you are interested in them and want more info, here is in depth information about the entire collection.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel for those of you, like me, who bought multiple pair last year. There will be one new pair of New Balance runDisney shoes released for 2015. The design and image have yet to be released and I promise to bring it to you the second I get it!!!!!!! I am waiting for it as anxiously as you are. If you are going to be at the Walt Disney World Marathon January 7-11th, 2015, you will be getting the official first, in person viewing of the new shoe. For those of us who are not going, we must wait patiently for the image to be released.

sorcerer mickey shoe goofy shoe

If you weren’t able to get any of the shoes last year, as they were quite limited, you are in luck this year! They did this for you! A lot of people were quite upset by the fact they were unable to get the fabulous runDisney 2014 shoes so I am sure you are sitting at home smiling now. The rules haven’t changed as to how you get them. If you are going to be running and will have a bib for an event the weekend of the Walt Disney World Marathon, you still need to preregister for your time to go to the New balance kiosk to make your life easier. You can do this January 7th at,  If you are not running but will be there and have flexibility as to when you can go to the expo, you can preregiister for a time too starting January 8th. There will be walk up times available but they do involve a wait.

my new balance shoes

I’m sorry I don’t have the newest image of the new 2015 runDisney New Balance shoe but it will be a very short time till we can all see it and drool. How do you all feel about the decision to rerelease these designs? Are you excited or disappointed? Let me know in the comment box below!

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  • They do have their own for the different themed runs at Disneyland. The first one is Star Wars and I did an article on the Dooney & Bourke Star Wars bags a week or so ago. Not to worry, there will be a Dooney & Bourke of some sort depending on the event.

  • I’m a non runner so if I can make a purchase without being a participant…I’ll be excited to own a pair of Disney NB shoes.

  • Thanks, so much for the info, Danielle! I was so busy getting articles out I didn’t acknowledge you but I wanted to thank you 🙂

  • You can get them from personal shoppers which I can connect with the personal shopper for Disney Fashionista. The only other way is at the Expos for the runDisney events at Disney World or Disneyland.

  • I believe they are $167 but I do know that stock is limited right now until the next expo. You can email [email protected] and ask Courtney what she has. Tell her I sent you and she’ll take care of you!