New Cakeworthy Disney Capsule Collection for Fall 2017

Cakeworthy Disney Capsule Collection

Earlier this season we checked out the too cute Dole Whip inspired purse from Cakeworthy. Obviously it was delicious perfection, but for those of us craving more tempting treats, the new items in the Cakeworthy Disney Capsule Collection this fall, are sure to sate their appetite!

The behind the scenes video gives an incredible overview of the bold, vibrant, and fantastically sassy pieces that are available in this collection. With even more inspired purse shapes, plaid flannels, and cheeky hats, the collection really shows the exuberant youthfulness that Disney brings out in us all.

These flannels take me back to my high school days, although we never had awesome screen printed ones like these! You’ll find full color Disney character prints, as well as Disney quotes, and character silhouettes in this collection. They’re made of 100% cotton and can be worn loose, or buttoned up. I think these would make a great accessory over a Disney themed tank top or tee for a layered look.

The Snow White Cardigan has a vintage-inspired flair to it. Disney’s very first princess, Snow White, is embroidered on the back of this knit cardigan in a design that looked so detailed, you almost think it’s printed at first! The front is embroidered with two adorable blue jays ready to help make a wish with you.

These fun buttons feature popular Disney themes with a whole new delicious twist.

Speaking of delicious, have you seen the Mickey Pizza purse? Move over Dole Whip purse there’s a new food inspired star in town! I love that it’s not a little flat wristlet either, this is a full on purse that can hold more than just a phone and a few cards.

You can be bold with your love for Mickey Mouse with the adjustable flat-brim caps, featuring the classic Mouse ears! They come in an electric pink, or a solid black, either one is sure to make a statement.

If the clock has struck midnight and you need a bag to carry all of your belongings, this comic book inspired Disney Cinderella tote bag, complete with comic book interior lining, holds it all! This bag has a lot of personality, as it captures the look of panic Cinderella had when she found out she might not make it to the ball on time. I’m sure many of is fashionista’s have had moments like that when getting ready sometimes!

You can check out all of these whimsical and effervescent apparel and accessories pieces from the Cakeworthy Disney Capsule Collection at while supplies last!

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