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New Direct-to-Room Arrival Option for Walt Disney World Hotel Guests

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Coming soon, eligible Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests, will have the choice to go directly to their hotel room once it is ready, and won’t even have to stop at the Front Desk.

This new optional service will give guests a more streamlined check in experience. The new service will also give guests the ability to have more control over their check-in process. This sounds like a handy service for when I’m in a rush to check out the newest purses released and don’t want to waste time at the Front Desk.

To be eligible for this option, guests must complete the following steps:

  • After customizing the MagicBands for their current stay, they must choose to have them shipped to their home.
  • They must complete the following Online Check-In Process Steps:


° Pay for the reservation in full, or put a credit card and PIN on file.

°Choose a preferred method of communication (example: text or email).

Once guests have received their MagicBands in the mail, they will then get an email detailing the process of the direct-to-room arrival service, as well as the eligibility and following steps. After completing all of the steps needed, guests will receive an email or text depending on their preference prior to arrival notifying them of their room number! I know I’ll feel like a V.I.P. getting to by pass the front desk and head directly to my room after a morning of shopping and trying snacks from around the World Showcase.

Don’t worry if you change your mind about wanting to go directly to your room though, upon arrival guests will be greeted by a Cast Member who will give them the option to experience a traditional check in if they choose.

Upon arrival, your Clients will be greeted by a Cast Member who will give them the option to go experience a traditional check-in, or go directly to their room once it is ready. Having the ability to choose your check in experience sounds like a fantastic idea to tailor one’s vacation even more to their style!

This new service will be optional, and roll out in phases over the next several weeks. I’m excited to try it out, and I wonder how early in the morning this service will be available?



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