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New Disney Alex and Ani “Believing Is Just The Beginning” Bangle Available Today!


It was over a month ago that we talked about all the new Disney Alex and Ani bangles headed our way. We started with the Cinderella “A Dream Is A Wish” bangle, followed by Cinderella wraps. We then were given the gift of Snow White’s “Whistle While You Work” bangle with Jiminy Cricket’s “When You Wish Upon a Star” bangle following closely thereafter. Now, we are able to get the latest of the new releases and I absolutely love the words. It is part of the Words Are Powerful Collection after all. Let’s take a look.


This is the Disney Alex and Ani “Believing is Just The Beginning” bangle and I live by these words. I feel this is the most powerful of all the bangles in the Words Are Powerful Collection. I know this quote has been on many items in the past but I think that just shows how important it is! I love that it is purple (if it can’t be pink then purple is the next best color in my opinion). It comes in 2 different finishes as per the usual for Alex and Ani Disney bangles. I know that this bangle will sell out as quickly as all the others which means it will most likely be sold out before the day is done.

If you are hoping to get your hands on this bangle, you can try to find it here at the Disney Store. Of course, if you are in Florida or California , you can always head to Disney Parks and find them there. If it is already sold out, there is another way. Mouse To Your House also usually has the latest bangle available! In fact, Courtney at Mouse To your House has many of the above Disney Alex and Ani bangles and wraps, that are sold out at Disney Store online, available. If you are looking for any of them, be sure to check them out HERE.

What do you think of the newest Disney Alex and Ani bangle?? Is this one your new favorite or do you like one of the others better? Let us know in the comment box below!

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