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Last week when I was at the Disney Store, I happened upon a replica of the Doorknob Character from Alice in Wonderland. Realizing I was intrigued, a Cast Member came over and told me it was a PENCIL SHARPENER, and that an entire range of Disney Desk Accessories By Forever Disney was coming soon.

I was of course thrilled, and couldn’t wait to see what other treasures this new collection would hold. I am happy to report the full collection is now available online, and in stores! The new collection offers desktop accessories inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Lilo & Stitch.

Since Wonderland’s dizzy Doorknob was the first part of this collection I saw, let’s check it out first! This whimsical Doorknob is here to sharpen your pencil when you stick it in the keyhole! It is also made to double as a holder for all of those freshly sharpened pencils.

Another friend happy to hold your writing utensils is Stitch! A two-tone version of Experiment 626 oversees a back compartment, for pens, pencils, and other accessories. The front compartment a fake succulent, which is great so that Stitch won’t eat it.

If you’re looking for a more minimalist look for your desk, follow the second star to the right and you’ll happen upon this enchanting pencil and pen holder. Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John soar by Big Ben in a black and white design on this dual-compartment desk accessory.

Sometimes we wish we had a little pixie dust to hold it all together, but in the moments we don’t, this Tinker Bell Paper Clip Holder will be there to lend a helping clip. This glass bottle with golden pixie dust dangler will help your notes and reports take flight.

We can also be sure to stay on track with the Skull Rock sticky notes holder! This sculpted Skull Rock dispenser holds a pad of Peter Pan sticky notes, but can be refilled with any sticky notes you like!

With all of these snazzy pens and pencil holders, we could really use some new pens to put in them! Fortunately, there are three new pen sets for each of the collections three inspirations. You can choose from an Alice in Wonderland Set, Peter Pan Set, or Stitch Set!

Lastly, we’ll need somewhere to put those pens to good use! We think the three coordinating journals that are available might just do the trick!

You can find the entire collection of Disney Desk Accessories By Forever Disney available online now at, as well as at your local Disney Store!

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